Lizzie Rovsek On Cancer Scandal: ‘Some Have Gone Too Far With It’

Lizzie Rovsek may no longer be a housewife, but she is learning that fans are pretty split on the entire cancer drama. On this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, there has been a heavy focus on Brooks Ayers’ illness. While Vicki Gunvalson has stood by Brooks, many of the ladies have questioned his story and wondered if he even has cancer. Sadly, he hasn’t taken the steps to prove himself, which just makes everything much worse for himself.

But one person who hasn’t pushed as much for the truth is Lizzie Rovsek. Lizzie hasn’t been filming as much with the ladies this season, and her opinion about the cancer issue has remained non-existent. And when Rovsek was confronted with a question about the illness, she was quick to set the record straight — she simply doesn’t know.

According to a new Bravo report, Lizzie Rovsek is now revealing that it is tough for her to make a decision about what is right and what is wrong because she is close friends with Vicki. Rovsek hasn’t questioned her friend about the cancer diganosis, and she does think that it is up to Brooks to deal with the lie if he has lied.

“It’s difficult for me, because Vicki is my friend (as are the other women on the show), and I have a hard time seeing them diving so deeply into Brooks’ cancer,” Lizzie Rovsek revealed to All About the Tea when asked about the cancer drama, adding, “Brooks is not even a housewife. Trying so hard to condemn Vicki and Brooks for faking cancer has become the biggest theme of the entire season.”

Of course, if Ayers is lying about being sick, then the attention on this storyline is justified. But Lizzie Rovsek agrees with some of the fans that things have gone too far. She doesn’t put names on them immediately, but Lizzie does admit that things have gone too far in proving that he is lying.

“I think some of the women have gone too far with it,” she continued, adding, “You can believe it or not. Ultimately, if they are faking cancer, that’s something they’ll have to deal with themselves — with God — that’s the final judgement. It’s gone way too far, and it’s overstepping privacy boundaries.”

Lizzie believes that Brooks will have to deal with the consequences if he is indeed lying. But that isn’t something she has to deal with, and it isn’t something the ladies have to prove. Maybe Lizzie Rovsek believes that karma will come back and address everything, including humiliating him if he is indeed lying about having cancer. But Rovsek doesn’t support Meghan’s efforts in proving his story wrong.

“I like Meghan, but seeing her call all these doctors and call the ex-girlfriend — I just don’t get it,” she said, adding, “I don’t like that kind of stuff… She doesn’t know Brooks, and she hardly knows Vicki. Vicki has been friends with Heather, Tamra, and Shannon for a long time, and they are not the ones taking these actions. They obviously have their opinions, but they are not going to these lengths.”

And maybe Rovsek is just a person who likes to stay out of the drama whenever possible. Apparently, Rovsek knew about David Beador’s affair as well before the ladies started filming The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she chose not to say anything. And, of course, Shannon must have appreciated Lizzie’s support.

“I knew there were some things going on. Shannon is a good friend of mine,” Lizzie told Radar Online, adding, “We talk about things that are close to us and there are certain things that, when you a really good friends with someone, you keep to yourself.”

What do you think of Lizzie Rovsek’s passive stance on everything that has gone down this season?

[Image / Screen Captures via Bravo]