Anna Duggar Divorce: Josh’s Wife Sees Leaving As ‘Only Option,’ Duggars Make Sure She Can’t Get The House [Rumor]

Anna Duggar’s threshold for emotional pain has been rigorously tested this summer as more and more allegations about her husband’s bad behavior have come to light, and it looks like Anna’s faith in Josh’s ability to change is starting to fade. According to a recent report, Anna Duggar is ready to seriously consider getting a divorce.

Two porn stars have come forward to claim that they had sex with Josh Duggar, and these allegations are making Anna feel absolutely awful. Because of her religious beliefs, Anna Duggar doesn’t want to divorce Josh. However, Hollywood Life reports that the mother of four became more open to the idea after learning about Josh’s second alleged affair with a porn star.

“These new allegations have made her feel disgusting,” a source told the print edition of Life & Style. “Anna is a loving woman and a devout Christian, but given what Josh has done, no one would be surprised if she decided she never wanted to see her again.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Danica Dillon was the first porn star to claim that she had sex with Josh Duggar, and she made some rather disturbing allegations about the former 19 Kids and Counting star. Dillon claimed that having unprotected sex with Anna’s husband was “like being raped,” and she revealed that he paid her a large sum of money for their violent hookup. Danica actually advised Anna Duggar to leave Josh after revealing that she had no idea that he was a married man.

Danica Dillon in Washington, D.C., where Josh Duggar used to work before losing his job with the Family Research Council (Image via Danica Dillon/Instagram)

Anna Duggar found out that her husband was cheating on her when Gawker revealed that he had two accounts on Ashley Madison, a website used for arranging extramarital affairs. In a statement that was released on the Duggar Family website, Josh admitted to having an affair. However, he didn’t provide any details about the extent of his actions.

Josh and Anna Duggar during happier days (Image credit: Josh Duggar/Instagram)

Anna Duggar probably heard a more detailed confession from her husband, but what if Josh claimed that he only had sex with one woman who wasn’t his wife? In Touch Weekly reports that a second porn star is planning on releasing details of her own scary sexual experience with Josh, and it’s possible that Anna is seriously considering divorce now because her husband is still trying to hide things from her. She’s also getting support from family members who think that she would be better off divorcing her husband, and she reportedly spent some time back home in Florida while she decides what she wants to do.

“Her siblings wants her to leave and are hoping her time in Florida will help give her clarity,” a source revealed. “[Anna] is really starting to believe that divorce is the only option.”

Anna’s brother, Daniel Keller, shared his thoughts about Josh earlier this summer. According to People, Daniel called his sister’s husband a “pig” and said that he was trying to convince Anna to get a divorce. Keller even offered to let Anna and her kids move in with his family while they get back on their feet. However, Daniel Keller also revealed that his and Anna’s parents have been trying to talk Anna into staying with Josh.

There’s one sign that Anna Duggar isn’t fully committed to dumping Josh just yet. Yesterday, a photo was posted on the Duggar Family Official Facebook page that shows Michelle Duggar spending time with Anna and Josh’s baby girl, Meredith. This could be evidence that Anna’s visit to Florida was a short one, and she’s currently staying with Josh’s parents while he completes his stint in rehab. If Anna is living with her in-laws, she’s probably feeling plenty of pressure to stay with Josh.

Michelle Duggar with grandkids Meredith Duggar and Israel Dillard (Image via Duggar Family Official Facebook)

According to the “Duggar Family News: Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray” Facebook page, there’s one interesting piece of evidence that could have something to do with Josh and Anna’s struggling marriage.

Shortly after the news about Josh Duggar’s sex scandal broke, the house he and Anna owned in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, exchanged hands. Its owner is now listed as ALB Investments, LLC, a company set up by the Duggar’s lawyer friend, Travis Story.

“It seems J. Bob bought the house from Josh and has his good buddy listed as owner, possibly as a way to protect the property in the case of lawsuits or to keep Anna from getting the house in a divorce,” Pickles and Hairspray writes.

Do you think Anna Duggar will stay with Josh, or will the unemployed mother of four decide that starting all over again is simply too scary?

[Featured image credit: Josh Duggar/Instagram]