Randy Quaid Arrested By ‘Tall Midget,’ Wife Insults Canada And Rants On YouTube

For the second time this year, Randy Quaid has been arrested by Canadian border officials. And his wife, Evi, took his arrest as an opportunity to insult the prime minister and post two bizarre, ranting YouTube videos.

Border officials aren’t saying why Quaid, 64, was arrested this time, but he has a detention review hearing scheduled for Thursday afternoon. He is now in custody and spending some time in a detention center in Montreal, where he was detained during a regular check-in with border officials, CBC News reported.

More information about the actor’s arrest will be made available after the review, the Toronto Star added.

Mrs. Quaid, 52, said the arrest was a surprise and that officials never explained why her husband — a Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning actor and brother to actor Dennis — had been arrested.

And that ambiguity sent her to Twitter, where she complained that her husband had been illegally detained and treated like a criminal. Then she insulted the entire nation of Canada, calling it an “a–hole of a wilting country”; and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whom she branded a “f–ing a–hole,” the New York Daily News added.

She also said her husband was arrested by an “actual tall midget.”

Tuesday’s arrest is just the latest in a long and bizarre odyssey for Randy and Evi, whose behavior — and the former’s appearance — have grown increasingly bizarre in recent years.

Back in 2010, the pair applied for refugee status in Canada under the claim that they were being chased by “Hollywood star-whackers” who were, in their minds, murdering actors. By 2013, Randy abandoned this claim and tried to apply for permanent resident status, but that was denied.

The Canadian government declined to accept him as a permanent resident because of an accusation that he defrauded an innkeeper in California, which the country considered a crime. According to People, the pair allegedly skipped out on hotel bills and squatted in a house they used to own; these incidents took place in California.

In January 2013, Quaid skipped an appointment with border officials and a warrant was issued for his arrest — except the government had no idea where he was. This mystery was solved in April, when the actor suddenly turned up in Montreal. The pair had been living there since February 2012.

They arrested Randy and he was released soon after, under the agreement that he peeked his head in with border officials on a regular basis. His wife said he’d been complying, and his check-in Tuesday — during which he was arrested — was part of that order.

Now, the actor could be kicked out of Canada for good anytime soon.

Meanwhile, two videos were posted to Evi Quaid’s YouTube account Wednesday, the day after he was arrested. In the videos, the couple is hanging out in what looks like a park with their dog, drinking champagne. Evi does most of the talking while Randy hangs out in the background, dressed all in black and sporting a thick gray beard and long hair.

The shorter of the two videos was purportedly posted right before he was arrested. The second is about 15 minutes long and is titled “Randy Quaid Evi Quaid and Lies Told to them by the state department. The time of its filming wasn’t specified, but it appears to have been shot the same day.

The content is strange, including rants against Hilary Clinton, President Obama, and the State Department, and she claims the U.S. government has been going after Randy.

Randy’s bizarre descent from respected actor to bearded paranoia has been well documented in the media, and a few years ago, brother Dennis was asked by People about his older sibling’s legal troubles.

“I love my brother. That’s all I can say. I love my brother and I miss my brother. That’s all I’m going to say.”

[Photo Courtesy Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images]