Shania Twain Cancels Tour Dates Due To Respiratory Infection [Video]

If you’re a huge fan of country singer Shania Twain, and if you were hoping to catch her live at either Manchester, NH, or Albany, NY, then I’ve got some bad news for you. Sadly, Shania was forced to cross these stops off her tour list…and she won’t be back.

According to People, Shania Twain had no choice but to take a break from her tour — her final tour ever — because of a nasty respiratory infection. The details, and her apology to fans, were posted to the 50-year-old country diva’s Facebook page.

“Shania Twain’s doctors have advised her to rest for several days after she was diagnosed with a respiratory infection.”

Twain was scheduled to appear in Manchester at the Verizon Wireless Arena on October 6 and in Albany at the Times Union Center on October 7. Any other time, ticket buyers could hope that the concert would be rescheduled and that they’d be given a chance to hear Shania sing on another night.

That’s just not to be.

“The concert dates are unable to be rescheduled due to Shania Twain’s current touring schedule.”

Shania Twain’s “current touring schedule” is that the Rock This Country tour will be the very last one. As such, it looks like a respiratory infection cost concert goers in these locations their final glimpse of Twain. That has to be a bummer.

As reported by Rolling Stone, Shania first announced her Rock This Country tour in March. The announcement came after Twain finished her two-year residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The show was critically-acclaimed and a commercial success for the country star. No doubt it made Shania Twain feel confident enough to go out on the road again. When Shania’s tour began in July, it marked the first time she’d toured to promote her music in nearly eleven years.

The plan was for Shania to hit 48 cities across North America; a bold move, but then this is her last ever tour. If you’re going to go out, might as well go with a bang!

For those who remember what a dominant presence Shania Twain was in the 90s and early 2000s, it seemed unfathomable that she should suddenly vanish the way she did in 2004. What many members of the public didn’t know was that Twain was combatting serious vocal issues. Later, she’d also have to cope with the devastating end to her mariage. The woman who sang “You’re Still The One” and “From This Moment” was rocked in 2008 by learning of an affair between her now ex-husband, Robert “Mutt” Lange, and her former best friend, Marie-Anne Thiébaud.

Shania opened up in an interview with the New York Post about this difficult time in her life.

“When that happened, I thought, ‘Forget it, this is more than I can handle — I’m never going to sing again….I had to grieve through it.”

Shania Twain took years to overcome this onslaught of emotional trauma and has since emerged victorious. It’s for the sake of her teen son Aja that Shania has remained cordial with her ex. As for Marie-Anne, that door is firmly shut.

“I don’t invite that trigger into my life … She’s not my future — she’s my past.”

Her successful residency is a testament to how many fans missed and still adore Shania. No doubt, it also means that quite a few were heartbroken over her permanently cancelled stops. The best any fan who is absolutely determined to see Twain on tour one last time can do is look for a concert date in another city they could hopefully make.

For those who bought tickets and would like a refund, the statement on the Shania Twain Facebook page made it clear all tickets for cancelled dates will be refunded at the point of purchase.

[Image Credit: Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]