‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Reza Farahan Weds Adam Neely In Secret Ceremony

Shahs of Sunset‘s Reza Farahan and Adam Neely have finally tied the knot after postponing their wedding during last season’s Bravo show. The wedding took place last weekend in Palm Springs, and was a surprise for at least Neely, who had no idea what was coming.

E! News is reporting that the ceremony was performed by cast mate Asa Soltan Rahmati, and it was filmed, of course, for the upcoming season. Fans remember watching after the destination wedding in Thailand was called off at the last minute.

“I honestly didn’t feel like getting married was the right thing to do,” Reza explained to E! News when the episode aired. “We had unresolved issues that needed to be addressed.”

But Farahan said he learned a lesson from the craziness that went on in Thailand. He decided if he ever did get married. it would be low key.

“Because I canceled a wedding, when I do get married, it’s going to be as low-key as you can imagine,” he teased to Bravo. “I don’t think we’ve been in a place like this before—only because going through something so difficult, our lines of communication have to improve tenfold. We’re closer than we’ve ever been.”


Perez Hilton has announced that fans think this surprise wedding is happy news for the whole cast. The couple, who have been dating for five years, looked like they were headed for a break up after Farahan canceled the wedding at the last minute just before they were supposed to leave for Thailand for a wedding week of activities, including going to a tiger sanctuary, one of Neely’s wishes.

Reality Tea is confirming that the wedding took place on Saturday.

“Shahs of Sunset Reza and Adam secretly got married on October 3, 2015.”

The source also says that the couple is looking to adopt a child sooner rather than later, but cast mate MJ is no longer willing to be a surrogate. Sources are also buzzing that Adam married Reza for the money.

“Meanwhile, Adam is in it for the money…or that is what he is telling people as he did not sign the prenuptial agreement.”

Though most fans of the show would find it hard to believe, as their relationship looks pretty tight on Shahs of Sunset. Neither of the grooms had family members present, but the the Shahs of Sunset cast members were.


Bravo is reporting that man about town Reza Farahan is truly a married man. The network is confirming that the couple truly did get married this weekend in Palm Springs, though the couple themselves have not confirmed the news. Farahan has told sources that it would be tacky to throw a big lavish wedding after calling off the first one.


Bravo also reports that Reza Farahan and Mike Shouted have patched up their friendship that was in tatters over the last season. Farahan and Shouhed’s now wife Jessica had a falling out and neither wanted to be around the other. At the last season’s reunion, Jessica let all of the cast members know what she thought of them, much to the embarrassment of Shouhed.

Hopefully, the couple will announce their marriage soon and make it official. In the meantime, fans can keep an eye on Reza’s Instagram, as he is an avid poster.

Do you believe that the Shahs of Sunset couple got married?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo]