Baton Rouge Community College: Threatening Note Found On Campus Advising No One Come To School On October 15

Yet another school is dealing with a possible serious threat that is involving an investigation from campus security and the police. Baton Rouge Community College currently has an investigation going on to figure out just how serious things are after a note was found on campus advising everyone not to come to school on a particular day next week.

After the deadly shooting that happened last week at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College which left nine dead, all threats are being taken overly serious, and rightfully so.

WBRZ reported that Baton Rouge Community College is currently investigating the threatening note that was found posted at the Mid City Campus.

baton rouge community college note threat

The digital image of the note was provided to the BRCC official Facebook page, and it is one that had started making the social media rounds on Wednesday. The source of the note is not yet known and the BRCC Police Department are working diligently to figure out who wrote it or even who first posted it online.

There is not much to the note, but it does raise suspicions and concerns for safety.

“Please Listen, On October 15th, don’t come to school here. Trust me”.

BRCC is working closely with the Baton Rouge Police Department and a number of other law enforcement agencies in the investigation. As of now, the note found on the campus has not been identified as a legitimate threat, but there is heightened security as a precautionary measure at this time.

All activities on campus, including classes, are going to go on as planned and scheduled. If there is to be any change whatsoever, there will be notice from Baton Rouge Community College. The school is asking for help in the matter and asks anyone who may have any information related to possible threats against the college or any specific info to the note to contact the BRCC Police Department.

This note comes just two days after Eastern Kentucky University campus police issued an alert after finding a message written in a bathroom in the student center called the Powell Building.

eku threat note

Due to the message stating “KILL ALL BY 10-8/15 THIS BU OOP,” Eastern Kentucky University canceled classes on Wednesday morning and will be shut down on Thursday and Friday. This will allow law enforcement to investigate the written threat. An alert was posted by the school to all students and staff.

“To allow law enforcement to conduct a thorough investigation of the continuing threat and ensure the safety of our campus community, all Eastern Kentucky University campuses will cancel classes beginning today, October 7th, 2015, at 10:00 AM and will close Thursday, October 8th and Friday October 9th, 2015.”

A number of students had thought nothing of the threat at first, but once the school closed down for a couple of days, they realized how serious it truly was. When the school administration and police think it’s serious enough to shut down operations, it made the students a little more cautious.

The Powell Building is said to be the heart of the campus, and you can’t really get from one side of Eastern Kentucky University’s campus to the other without passing by it.

Not a lot is yet known about the message, but some things are being assumed. A number of students believe the “BU” in the message is for “Beta Uprising” which is a term that is used with anonymous violent threats.

Baton Rouge Community College is now the latest school to deal with a threat via note or written message or even verbal communication. The matter is being taken seriously, and students are urged to take precaution until all is thoroughly investigated.

[Image via Getty Images – Scott Haller/BRCC Facebook/EKU Police]