Kendra Wilkinson’s Brother Disses Her On Twitter, Claims She’s ‘Desperate’ And ‘Uneducated’

Kendra Wilkinson’s brother, Colin, has taken a shot at her on Twitter. Amid the currently airing season of Kendra On Top, which continues to chronicle Kendra Wilkinson’s marriage to Hank Baskett, and life at home with their kids, her estranged brother shared a shocking post with fans on October 6.

“Desperation for the cameras to keep rolling. Cuz once they stop. You’re done. Just an uneducated woman with no real world skills,” he wrote.

According to a Radar Online report on October 7, Kendra Wilkinson’s brother took aim at not only his sister, a former Playboy model, but also the reality show on which she stars — and it’s not his first time speaking out against Kendra Wilkinson. As the site revealed, Kendra Wilkinson’s brother has aired their family’s “dirty laundry” on social media before. In August of last year, Colin called for the boycott of Kendra Wilkinson’s reality show after learning their estranged father, Eric, had filmed scenes for the series.

On his Facebook page, which has since been marked private, Kendra Wilkinson’s brother alleged she was “rewarding a person who has done nothing but cause pain and suffering” by welcoming Eric to the show.

Kendra Wilkinson “has not only PAID my FATHER to appear on her reality show but also took the time to fly to another country to visit him,” Colin wrote, according to a Radar Online report at the time.

Colin went on to call his and Kendra Wilkinson’s father “the biggest coward piece of s**t I have ever met” and “not a man.

“A man should not leave his family behind because he doesn’t feel like raising 2 kids. A man doesn’t leave his family starving and broke. The last time I ever met my dad he locked [Kendra Wilkinson] and I on his back patio during [Super Bowl] Sunday, with no food, water or jackets… Like a couple of homeless dogs.”

Also in his post on Facebook, Colin said Kendra Wilkinson had “sunk to the level of caring about ratings more than her own family.”

Colin then promised his own followers and friends he would strive to be the exact opposite of what Kendra Wilkinson has become.

In other Kendra Wilkinson news, the reality star and mother of two recently opened up about her troubled childhood, which included multiple suicide attempts. According to an Us Weekly report last week, Kendra Wilkinson claimed to have suffered from “severe depression” during the latest episode of Kendra On Top. Speaking candidly during the episode, Kendra Wilkinson said she tried to kill herself on a number of occasions, and was once admitted to a mental facility.

Kendra Wilkinson had previously opened up about suicidal thoughts on an episode of her show last year, in which she admitted to questioning her existence after learning of her husband’s alleged affair with a transexual model. She said, at the time, that if it weren’t for her children, she could have potentially killed herself due to her husband’s highly publicized relationship with Ava Sabrina London.

Despite her husband’s alleged infidelity, Kendra Wilkinson has remained committed to her marriage and her family — aside from brother Colin and mother Patti, of course. As fans have seen on her show, Kendra Wilkinson’s relationship with both her mother and her brother ended long ago, and from the looks of things online, the strain between them has only grown in recent years.

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