E3 2012: Sony Unveils Beyond: Two Souls, The Next Game From Quantic Dream

At Sony’s E3 2012 press conference tonight, Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream CEO David Cage took to the stage to officially announce Beyond: Two Souls, the studio’s next game for the PlayStation 3.

Beyond will be unlike anything else you’ve experienced before,” Cage said at the press conference. “If you make the right decisions, maybe you will discover what lies beyond.”

Before Cage dived straight in with the debut Beyond: Two Souls gameplay video, the Quantic Dream boss announced that Acadamy Award-nominated actress Ellen Page will be taking on the role of Jodie Holmes, the game’s protagonist.

Cage didn’t drop any specifics on the story of Beyond, but we do know that the game will follow Holmes’ life over the course of fifteen years, and that the afterlife plays some important role in the game’s narrative.

While the trailer didn’t give us any insight into Page’s character–or the story as a whole, for that matter–we at least got to see what the game looks like, and boy does it look great. The visual quality of Beyond looks outstanding, and the facial animation sets a new bar for lifelike characters in video games.

No word on when Beyond is due for release.