‘Ferguson Cover-Up’ Documentary Claims To Expose The Lies About Michael Brown

Not long after the Ferguson play was announced, dramatizing the death of Michael Brown and allowing the audience to decide the truth, a new documentary claims to hold the actual truth surrounding the controversial events in Ferguson, Missouri.

According to the Huffington Post, Ferguson Cover-Up is the upcoming work of filmmaker Jason Pollock, who claims there are many aspects of the Michael Brown story that the public has never heard. Attempting to uncover the dark details of Michael Brown’s death and the failure of the grand jury to indict former police officer Darren Wilson, Pollock discussed the Ferguson Cover-Up documentary with HuffPost Live.

“As much as it has been dissected, I feel that it hasn’t really been dissected,” Jason Pollock explained. “Everybody just talked about this case with just a few headlines and kind of ran with those. And then when the DOJ report came out, everyone just kind of closed the book on it.”

Pollock claims that one of the major pieces of misinformation surrounding Ferguson is a complete misunderstanding of the true character of Michael Brown. Many defenders of Darren Wilson claim that Michael Brown was actually a criminal who was caught stealing cigarettes shortly before his death, and may people use this to justify the shooting. This doesn’t mean Wilson’s supporters believe Michael Brown deserved to die, but rather that the shooting should not have been defined as murder.

But Jason Pollock’s documentary disagrees. Ferguson Cover-Up reportedly shows Michael Brown as he really was and exposes the “lies” that people have spread about him in an attempt to justify an unlawful killing.

“If America starts to see what a beautiful young man Michael Brown was and how much we’ve been lied to about that and how everybody judged this guy based on a five-second video that they saw… that will help win the hearts and minds of people.”