Meri Brown Affair: 'Sister Wives' Star Catfished By Lesbian, Lovesick Voicemail Messages Revealed

Treva Bowdoin

Meri Brown and her Sister Wives co-stars have spent years trying to convince the world that their polygamist lifestyle is happy and fulfilling. However, it turns out that life gets a bit lonely when you're sharing your husband with four other women. Meri recently admitted to having an online affair with someone, so it looks like she finally decided that she was tired of only getting attention when it was her turn.

Unfortunately for Meri Brown, her special someone was catfishing her by pretending to be a completely different person. In a statement released to People, the Sister Wives star confessed to the affair. However, she carefully worded her statement so that it didn't sound like anything sexual or romantic was going on -- Meri Brown only said that she was "speaking with someone online."

"I never met this person and I regret being drawn into this situation, but I hope because of it I can help others who find themselves in similar circumstances."

Jackie/Sam allegedly preys upon women who are emotionally vulnerable, so Meri Brown was the perfect target. As Sister Wives viewers know, she divorced Kody Brown so that he could legally marry his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. Meri insisted that she was remaining with the Brown family as one of Kody's three "spiritual wives," but, as the Inquisitr previously reported, there's been a lot of speculation that the empty nester is ready to start a life of her own now that she's legally a single lady.

Meri Brown's online affair with Samuel Cooper/Jackie Overton is certainly evidence that supports these rumors, and the catfish wants everyone to know just how far she managed to reel Meri in. On the Not Batman Yet website, Sam/Jackie has posted numerous voicemails from Meri. In Touch Weekly shared a transcript of one of the messages, and it sounds like Meri was pretty smitten with Sam. In the very passionate voicemail, she compared Sam to Kody Brown by insisting that her online lover is a much better man than her husband.

"If I were to compare you, you would win on all counts. You win on all f--king levels. Now I'm pissed. You don't think that — you don't think that you'd be out? You don't think that I think that you're taller, better looking. Better looking, anyway. Kinder, sweeter, you care about me. You want me. You say that you're willing to fight for me, you say all these things about love and affection and passion. So yeah, if I were to compare you, you win all the time."

"I'm sorry you felt like that was a comparison," Meri says. "All I was saying was I have that. I know what that feels like. That's not what I'm looking for with you. Understand? What I want with you is something deeper and stronger and more passionate. It's what we have. We have something more passionate than I've ever felt. Know that."

Meri Brown tells Sam that she loves him in many of the voicemails, and some of the messages almost make it sound like she's physically spent time with Sam/Jackie. In one voicemail, she talks about "laying" with her online lover. She also talks about how Sam/Jackie is breaking her heart.

In another voicemail, Meri talks about "being intimate."

All About the Tea reports that Jackie Overton can change her voice to sound like a man. This is how she convinced Meri Brown that Samuel Cooper was the real deal. In many of Jackie's voicemails, Meri talks about meeting up with her online lover. Jackie seemingly always found a way to avoid these meetings, but Meri did meet her catfish in person. On September 29, All About the Tea shared a photo that shows the Sister Wives star posing with Jackie Overton at Disneyland. Jackie reportedly arranged the meeting by posing as Sam's assistant, Lindsay.

There's no word on how Kody Brown feels about this bizarre situation, but in the past, he has made it very clear that he's not okay with his wives having relationships with other men. According to Jezebel, this topic was discussed during Kody and Meri's 20th anniversary dinner, which was filmed for a Season 1 episode of Sister Wives. Meri Brown asked her husband how he would feel if she gave her attention to another guy, and Kody seemed utterly disgusted that she would even talk about such a thing.

"That's not just something I'm comfortable imagining," Kody told her. "The vulgarity of the idea of you with two husband or another lover sickens me. It seems wrong to God and nature."

Now that the entire world knows about Meri Brown's affair, do you think that she'll leave her Sister Wives family?

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