Ellie Goulding Admits She's Been 'Playing With Her Life' By Ignoring Heart Condition

Cassie Boss

Ellie Goulding has been on the defense since claims began popping up that the pop star was caught lip-syncing her way through her AFL Grand Final performance in Melbourne, Australia, on Sunday, October 4, but it looks like the "Love Me Like You Do" singer has more to worry about than lip sync allegations!

According to J-14, Ellie Goulding recently opened up about a secret heart condition that could be pretty serious if she doesn't slow down and get herself checked out. While a heart condition is a serious issue, it doesn't necessarily seem like that was the cause of the mayhem that took place last Sunday.

While talking with Australia's Perth Now, Ellie claimed that she wasn't caught lip syncing during her AFL Grand Final performance. Instead, she cited technical difficulties to be the reason behind the musical blunder. A separate statement was released by the producer of the Toyota AFL Grand Final, Michael Gudinski, which stated that Ellie Goulding did perform live vocals to a backing track, according to Mirror.

"This is a very common practice for performances in situations such as the Grand Final. Unfortunately a technical issue at the start of Ellie's performance caused a brief hiccup but Ellie went on to prove just how much of a superstar she is, belting out two of her massive hits."

While she reportedly was battling the flu over the past week or so, Ellie also admitted that she has needed to take a step back and watch herself as she has discovered that she has some sort of heart condition.

While she has only come clean about the heart condition as of late, she admits that she has known about it since last year, though she never had it checked out to any great extent. While she admits to "playing with" her life after discovering the unknown heart condition, the "Love Me Like You Do" singer did let reporters know that she plans to take some time to herself when she returns to the UK in the coming weeks to have her heart checked out.

One major downside to Ellie Goulding's latest news is that she will have to take some time away from her strict workout routine, which may prove rather difficult for the fitness fanatic. The singer has also admit that while she may be in pretty good shape now, that wasn't always the case.

During an interview with Glamour, Ellie admitted that she used to have a very unhealthy relationship with food, one that lead to an obsession with avoiding carbs, and over indulging on chocolate.

"I remember being so badly addicted to sugar that I could eat two big Galaxy bars in one day and nothing else. I was terrified of eating potatoes or rice or any kind of carbohydrates but I would still have loads of chocolate every day. It made no sense."

Could her poor eating choices have contributed to Ellie Goulding's current mystery heart conditions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Photo by Scott Barbour / Getty Images]