Elaina Watley Instagram Buzz: Victor Cruz’s Fiancée Allegedly Sends Group Text Message To Victor’s ‘Whores’

The Elaina Watley Instagram account is set to private. However, a text message being attributed to Victor Cruz’s fiancée is making the news and has caused Cruz’s name to trend on social media. That’s because a screenshot is making the rounds, one that purports to be sent from Elaina to Victor’s alleged girlfriends.


NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: Elaina Watley and Victor Cruz attend the Givenchy SS16 After Party on September 11, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

As reported by Global Grind, the screenshot of the text allegedly sent by Elaina to Victor’s paramours warned of Watley going everywhere with Victor — as is seen in plenty of photos — but said Cruz views the other women as those who mean nothing to him. Indeed, plenty of photos of Cruz and Watley can be seen as they attend various parties and events. According to the text messages allegedly sent to a group being attributed to Elaina, they purportedly contain her name and an invite to compare notes.

Cruz, who is known for his fabulous dance moves,
was trending on Twitter as a result of the alleged text messages sent by Watley. The plot is similar to the circumstances seen on many reality TV shows. On a recent episode of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, Soulja Boy found himself meeting with two ladies and confessing that he played the field with both of them. The required fighting ensued between the ladies, but not before comparing text messages that the rapper had sent to the supposed side chicks.

With Elaina’s alleged text message reportedly urging the “whores” of Cruz to meet one another and exchange notes about Victor, one wonders — if true — if Elaina intended to make all the women so mad at one another that they’d dump Victor and leave him to herself. Oddly, just like on the episode of Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, cheated-upon women sometimes turn their furor and anger to the other woman, and remain with the so-called cheating man.

attends ESPN the Party at WestWorld of Scottsdale on January 30, 2015 in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Elaina and Victor can be seen happy in smiling in plenty of photos, with Watley holding their child in some of the photos. However, as witnessed on another recent episode of Basketball Wives: LA, the wives and girlfriends noted that life with an athlete isn’t always easy. Only Jackie Christie confessed that her husband Doug never cheated on her, at least to her knowledge, even though Jackie told TMZ that Doug almost left her when she leaked a nude topless photo online. All the other women at the table ran down how they found out about their husband’s other women through sneaky means, such as sneaking through his phone.

Perhaps, if the Watley story is on the up and up, that’s how Elaina may have gotten access to Cruz’s side chicks’ numbers in order to allegedly send a group text message to them all.

attends the Rihanna Party at The New York Edition on September 10, 2015 in New York City.

With stories such as the Victor and Elaina text message saga hitting the news often, perhaps the best defense is a good offense — which could involve plenty of couples’ counseling, maturity, grace, forgiveness, and health screenings. As plenty of athletes wives, girlfriends, and fiancee’s say, it’s hard to battle against travel schedules and willing groupies that make it easy for a man to have his pick of the litter. The only question is whether the athletes’ women decide to stick around or not.

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