Isabella Cruise And Nicole Kidman Together Before Wedding, Tom Cruise Paid For Event, Reports Indicate

Stacy Carey

Isabella Cruise and Nicole Kidman have had their relationship challenges over the years, and that has people buzzing over the news that Bella just got married and had neither her mother Nicole or her father Tom Cruise there. Bella, 22, is typically quite private, and it seems that the reasoning behind her low-key wedding had less to do with any family strife and more to do with privacy, according to the latest reports. What's the scoop on her big day?

Woman's Day initially broke the news that Isabella Cruise had married Max Parker on September 18 in a private, quiet ceremony at the Dorchester Hotel in London. The gathering was so low-key that neither of Isabella Cruise's parents, or Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, were in attendance.

While Tom and Nicole seemingly were not in attendance for the wedding ceremony or reception itself, reports indicate that Tom knew about the wedding plans and even footed the bill for it all. Though there have been plenty of rumors swirling about Bella's decision to marry Max without close family there, TMZ reports that indeed Tom was aware and supportive of it.

Reports indicate that Isabella Cruise and Nicole Kidman met up for dinner ahead of the wedding and that Nicole had some involvement in the event planning ahead of the big day. However, both Nicole and Tom did stay away for the nuptials and party afterward, seemingly per Bella's request.

It is said that everybody involved wanted to honor what the bride preferred for her day and wanted to try to keep things from getting splashed all over the media. Reports have varied regarding Bella's brother Connor in regards to the wedding, but it seems that he was not in attendance either.

Though Bella does practice Scientology like her father does, Max is not a Scientologist. There have been rumors that Tom stayed away from the wedding because of this, as everybody knows how important Scientology is to the actor.

However, it does not seem to be the case that Tom refrained from attending over the supposed issue. Sources indicate that Isabella and Max's wedding had touches of both Scientology and the Christian faith incorporated into the ceremony.

None of the parties have commented on the hoopla directly, though sources indicate that Isabella Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were all in communication about the wedding and on the same page about how to handle it. Though Bella's parents didn't get to be by her side during her wedding, it does seem that she was able to marry her new husband in the way that she desired and fans are thrilled to hear her good news.

[Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images]