Chelsea Houska ‘Teen Mom 2’ Update: Tweets Of Cole DeBoer Relationship, Ignores Pregnancy And Engagement Rumors

Chelsea Houska and her boyfriend, Cole Deboer, are going strong just months after moving in together while filming Teen Mom 2 season 6. As fans saw on the show, Chelsea Houska took things slow during the early stages of their relationship, but after one year together, they decided to become roommates, and Chelsea Houska’s daughter, Aubree, couldn’t be happier.

As Teen Mom 2 season 6 came to a close, Chelsea Houska was seen making room for DeBoer at her home before he arrived with his belongings during the finale episode. After getting settled, Chelsea Houska, her boyfriend, and her daughter relaxed on the couch, where Aubree informed her mother that DeBoer was hers.

In addition to thinking DeBoer was her boyfriend, Aubree spoke highly of Chelsea Houska’s boyfriend throughout the season, even claiming she wanted to call him dad, and revealing she wished her father, Adam Lind, would act more like him.

Although Chelsea Houska and her boyfriend won’t share more of their relationship until the show’s possible seventh season, she continues to keep fans in the loop with what they’ve been up to on Twitter and Instagram. Most recently, Chelsea Houska shared photos of herself, DeBoer, and Aubree enjoying a visit to an apple orchard.

“Had a blast at the apple orchard today with my lovies!…now we have 3 Apple pies baking away,” Chelsea Houska tweeted on October 4.

Meanwhile, as Chelsea Houska’s relationship with DeBoer continues to bloom, rumors have begun to surface in regard to a possible pregnancy — and a possible engagement. While Chelsea Houska has told fans in the past that she is planning to wait to have another child until she’s married, she and DeBoer continue to face rumors, which claim she could be pregnant sooner rather than later. And rather than address the rumors on Twitter or Instagram, Chelsea Houska has chosen to ignore the buzz.

As Chelsea Houska and DeBoer flaunt their relationship online, her problems with ex-boyfriend Lind have continued. During Teen Mom 2 season 6, Lind filed for custody of Aubree, and he and Chelsea Houska appeared in court. However, while he wanted to have more time with his daughter, and time that would be unsupervised, a court denied his request, agreeing to reassess the issue at a later date.

While Chelsea Houska saw relationship success throughout the MTV series’ latest season, her ex hasn’t been so lucky. Although Lind is currently dating Stasia Huber, and appears to be quite happy with her, he didn’t have much going on in the dating front while filming earlier this year. After a failed relationship with Taylor Halbur, the mother of his 2-year-old daughter, Paislee, Lind moved on to Jessica Nicole and Brooke Beaton, but both women eventually took legal action against him (which they later dropped). Then, earlier this year, Lind began dating Danielle Anderson, and the two were together for a few months.

Although it is unclear when Lind began dating his current girlfriend, he often shares photos of her on Instagram, and always speaks highly of her online.

Chelsea Houska has appeared on Teen Mom 2 since 2011, and is expected to continue filming the show if it returns for a seventh season next year.

For more of Chelsea Houska, Cole DeBoer, and Adam Lind, tune into the second half of the Teen Mom 2 season 6 reunion on Wednesday, October 7, at 9 p.m. on MTV.

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