Jason Aldean Concert Postponed Because His Equipment Semi Wrecks On Way To Concert

Jason Aldean fans will get to see him in concert in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, but due to one of his concert semi’s wrecking, the concert originally scheduled for Tuesday has been rescheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 7.

The semi crashed on Tuesday morning at about 1 a.m. (Oct. 6) as the driver lost control, leading it to go off the road, hit a rock, and then flip. The accident happened on the Trans-Canada Highway near Cherry Creek. Police investigating the crash say there are deep tire tracks in the loose dirt along the highway about 15 meters from where the truck overturned.

A semi truck loaded down with Jason Aldine's music equipment overturned.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation and the driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries, according to Info News. The semi is totaled and parts of the wheel base on the truck was torn off.

A security guard is at the scene and an insurance adjuster has already looked at the damaged truck. Info News says the Aldean camp is making plans to remove the vehicle.

Aldean played for fans in Kamloops on Monday night and was traveling to Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, for another concert on Tuesday night.

Fans that are unable to attend Wednesday nights concert can get a refund where they purchased their tickets, according to the Aldean camp. According to Castanet, all the tickets for Tuesday’s night concert will be honored at Wednesday’s show.

The wrecked semi carried Aldean’s band instruments, but Aldean has not commented on the crash.

The accident didn’t deter Jason Aldean because his 2015 Burn It Down concert schedule is going to continue until the last concert on October 24.

Aldean’s career began when he was 15 years old in Georgia bars and his dad was a show booker. He got Jason gigs in Florida, Alabama, and throughout the east coast. When he was 21 years old, he recorded an eight-song demo but he became discouraged when he moved to Nashville to “make it” but was met with failing deals and broken promises.

Aldean gave up. Just as Aldean and his wife were ready to move back to Georgia, a record executive contacted him and within a few weeks, he had a record deal with a company called Broken Bow Records.

Aldean finally got his first single with a song called “Hicktown” in 2005. Aldean’s first two albums were not immediately hits, but he did start building a fan base with a new era of country music. When Aldean released “She’s Country,” he began a streak of hit singles, including a few multi-Platinum songs.

One of Aldean’s biggest hits, “Big Green Tractor,” was first offered to Jake Owen. When Owen turned it down, Aldean picked it up. It’s one of his biggest hits to date and it spent several weeks at No. 1.

Another one of Jason’s biggest hits “Dirt Road Anthem” came about because Aldean’s first vehicle was an ’85 Toyota pickup truck. Aldean had the truck throughout his high school years and drove it to his singing gigs on the weekends.

What does Jason Aldean do for fun?

He loves Karaoke nights. He says with enough alcohol in his system, he’ll sing about anything.

“I think karaoke is the s–t,” Aldean tells Entertainment Weekly. “I think that is the funnest thing ever to get really drunk and go to a karaoke bar and get up there act stupid. Now one thing I think is really lame, is if you’re an artist and you go to a karaoke bar and sing your own song.”

Jason and his wife have two little girls. Aldean always dreamed of having a little boy, but when pregnancy complications arose with the second little girl, they decided to stop. Aldean says if either of his girls show an interest in singing, he will encourage them if they’re not awful.

(image via: Christopher Polk, Getty Images)