Florida Politician Admits To Drinking Goat Blood After Pagan Sacrifice

A Florida politician is garnering attention in the news and on social media for committing what many consider to be an incredibly taboo act. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Augustus Sol Invictus (not his birth-given name) has admitted to sacrificing a goat in a pagan ritual before drinking the slain animal’s blood.

Invictus, who identifies as a Thelemite, won’t reveal his real name to the public. However, he adopted his flamboyant moniker at some point in his life leading up to his plans to run for U.S. Senate. Now that he’s running for Senate, the chairman of Florida’s Libertarian Party wants to draw attention to the man’s curious past.

Thelemic symbol courtesy of Wikipedia

Just two years ago, the Florida politician reportedly walked from his home state to the Mojave Desert, where he spent a week “fasting and praying” to his pagan deities. After his religious experience, he returned home to Florida, where he sacrificed a goat by slaughtering it and drinking its blood. These are actions that the hopeful candidate has admitted to, but it isn’t the only startling behavior that chairman Adrian Wyllie has publicized against him.

Metal Injection reports that Invictus is accused of being a neo-Nazi who is recruiting the support of other white supremacists. However, the Florida man does not admit to these claims, citing that he has Hispanic children and is not a racist. While he denies being a neo-Nazi, he does indeed admit to sacrificing a goat and drinking its blood. However, he denies dismembering it or killing it in a cruel fashion.

“I did sacrifice a goat. I know that’s probably a quibble in the mind of most Americans. I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness … Yes, I drank the goat’s blood.”

It should be noted that the Libertarian candidate does not expect to win his bid for U.S. Senate. However, he does want to have a chance to speak on the floor, to share his sentiments about government and his admittedly fascist world view. He has also administered a “call for total insurrection” to his followers and supporters.

“I do not want you to vote, so much as I want you to wake up. I want you to drop out and tune in. I want you to take LSD and practice sorcery. I want you to listen to trap music and black metal, to learn the law and to break it deliberately, to find your own religion. I want you to learn the use of firearms and subject yourselves to rigorous physical training. I want you to treat your bodies as Holy Temples and to take your girlfriend to a strip club so you can seduce a dancer in the back room. I want you to worship Nature and dance naked in the moonlight ’round the fire, screaming in ecstatic joy. I want you to revolt. Raise Hell. Break your limitations. Renounce your life and go into the Wilderness, that God may speak to you of things to come.”

If Invictus doesn’t win his bid for U.S. Senate (which is incredibly likely given his pagan nature among an electorate of Christian voters), he still has his law practice. He reportedly runs a law firm called Imperium Law, which he founded. The Florida politician uses the law firm’s site to post blogs about his plans, including his recent plan to run for Senate — a seat in Florida which is being left behind by Marco Rubio.

"Marco Rubio, Official Portrait, 112th Congress" by US Senate - Email from the Office of Senator Marco Rubio. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons

It’s hard enough for Libertarian politicians to win ahead of Democrats and Republicans, but do you think Invictus has a chance? Or has his strange past and pagan values ruined his chances of ever succeeding in Florida politics?

Photo: Augustus Sol Invictus via Metal Injection