LAPD Stalking Video Raises Concerns In L.A. Law Enforcement Community, But Is It Just The Efforts Of Washed Up Rappers?

A “stalking” video recently posted on social media, which many are calling disturbing, is shot from inside a car parked behind a Los Angeles police officer. The video zeroes in on the officer as he exits his patrol car before panning down to reveal the videographer is holding a gun. The video then pans back up as the LAPD officer makes his way on to the sidewalk.

Though the person that posted the LAPD stalking video removed it, apparently, they didn’t do it fast enough, as the footage began popping up elsewhere online, including on the Twitter page below.

The Los Angeles Times reports that at least one arrest has been made in connection with the creepy LAPD stalking video, with another arrest pending and the suspect still on the loose.

According to LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck, a “secondary suspect” was arrested over the weekend in connection with the potentially threatening video.

As for the “primary suspect” (whether or not this refers to the person that shot the apparent stalking video is not clear) a search warrant was served at their home and LAPD authorities are on the hunt for that person, said Beck, also noting that while this primary suspect has yet to be taken into custody, the LAPD has been in touch with his attorney.

“This individual knows who he is and should turn himself in,” declared the LAPD Chief.

The sound-free video first popped up on Instagram and Twitter Monday, but the LAPD says they’ve known about since last week.

In the meantime, SF Gate reports that the LAPD SWAT team was actually called in as the alleged stalking video was being investigated. It is now believed, however, that the LAPD stalking video was actually an effort to promote some type of gangster, rapper, street cred via social media that has unraveled and exploded in the Los Angeles based stalking video makers’ faces.

According to SF Gate, last week when the video was uploaded to Instagram, along with stalking the LAPD Officer and flashing the gun, the footage also included some other men in the car. The LAPD was able to identify three of the men featured in the video, one of whom is a confirmed felon, and now believe that the stalking video was distributed online by a member of a “1990’s rap group no longer in fashion” that was trying to rejuvinae their previous musical success.

“The (LAPD) investigation revealed that the film was made by members of an early 1990’s rap group no longer in fashion. The film was made and posted on social media to ignite a comeback by the rap group.”

Though the name of the group hasn’t been released, the LAPD is now reportedly considering the alleged stalking video as more of a failed attempt at entertainment than a threat.

According to LAPD Chief Beck, the video production was shot on location in the downtown area of Los Angeles, and whether an entertainment effort or not, showing the handgun inside the car violates state law.

Also, regardless if deemed entertainment or not, Chief Beck did frame the video as one that portrayed a person who “appeared to be stalking” the LAPD member.

While the LAPD stalking video has only just recently begun to gain traction on social media sites, the LAPD has continued investigating the suspect production since last week, LAPD spokesman, Andrew Smith, saying on Monday that LAPD officials were, “making our officers aware of it and letting them know that we take this and all threats against our officers very seriously.”

The LAPD did also label the video as “stalking.”

Another group negatively affected by the stalking video was the LAPD Wives Association, reports CBS Los Angeles.

“It’s completely frightening, and I know that a lot of the wives are scared,” said one unidentified LAPD spouse. “They just want to do their job, and yet all this hatred is coming at them and it’s just becoming more and more violent. (The wives) are so scared that their husbands are not going to come home.”

Violence and threats against law enforcement have become a national trend, this latest LAPD stalking video, entertainment or not, being an unfortunate reminder of this fact.

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