Jeremy Calvert Returns To Twitter Ahead Of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 6 Reunion

Jeremy Calvert is back on Twitter. After taking a few weeks off of social media, the Teen Mom 2 star and father of one shared a series of retweets about the music of Jason Barnhouse, the latest of which was shared on October 4.

@Calvert505 Hey Calvert, The album is now live on, iTunes and Check it out! The Wounded

— Jason Barnhouse (@TheWounded_JKB) October 4, 2015

Prior to his Jason Barnhouse re-tweet, Jeremy Calvert hadn’t been on Twitter since September 4, when he shared another retweet about the music of Colt Ford. Because Jeremy Calvert isn’t very active on Twitter, fans have been wondering what’s going on with him and his girlfriend, Brooke Wehr. In July, after weeks of rumors regarding Jeremy Calvert’s new relationship with Wehr, he and the 23-year-old mother traveled to Los Angeles together, where he filmed the Season 6 reunion for Teen Mom 2.

During the Teen Mom 2 reunion, which continues airing tomorrow night, Jeremy Calvert will be seen discussing his issues with Messer, as will Corey Simms, Messer’s other ex-husband. At the start of the sixth season, Jeremy Calvert and Messer appeared to be on semi-decent terms, but a few episodes in, they began feuding over Messer’s parenting, and Jeremy Calvert later told a friend he felt she was dealing with an addiction issue. Then, during an episode a couple of weeks later, Messer was seen entering treatment, but despite her decision to get help, Jeremy Calvert continued on with the divorce, and in June, as Messer was in treatment in Arizona, their divorce was finalized.

As fans saw on the show, Jeremy Calvert agreed to pay Messer $1,700 per month for their 2-year-old daughter, Adalynn, and he remained in their West Virginia home as she moved out.

While chatting with a friend on the show, Jeremy Calvert revealed he wished he had never had a child with Messer, and spoke out about the new woman in his life. Although Jeremy Calvert didn’t mention Wehr by name, she was likely who he was referring to, as she seemed to fit his vague description.

Following news of Wehr’s trip to Los Angeles with Jeremy Calvert, during which they had dinner with Simms and his wife, Miranda, rumors began swirling about a possible breakup. In late August to early September, fans wondered why the pair hadn’t mentioned one another, and had failed to share any new photos.

Although Wehr did post a photo of herself and a mystery man in mid-September, it was unclear if it was Jeremy Calvert, or someone else.

With an eventful day like today, I got to just keep wearing a smile on my face

— Brooke Wehr (@Brookelyn2008) September 16, 2015

Then, weeks later, Wehr finally put the rumors to rest with a photo of Jeremy Calvert on her Twitter page.

#paintingmynails #nobigdeal ♡

— Brooke Wehr (@Brookelyn2008) September 30, 2015

Jeremy Calvert married Messer in April, 2012, less than one year after the reality star’s divorce from Simms was finalized, and in February, 2013, they welcomed a child together. While fans didn’t see much of the fallout of their marriage, Jeremy Calvert shared a number of tweets in October of last year, which seemed to give a reason behind their split. Although the tweets have since been deleted, Jeremy Calvert had told fans he caught Messer cheating on him with Robbie Kidd, and announced his plans to file for divorce, which he did in November of that same year. In the months that followed, Jeremy Calvert and Messer attempted to reconcile, but were unsuccessful.

For more Jeremy Calvert, tune into the second half of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special on Wednesday, October 7, at 9 p.m. on MTV.

[Photo via Twitter]