Ian Somerhalder Spills 'Vampire Diaries' Season 7 Details And Exclusive Somerhalder Details Via FB Q&A

Ian Somerhalder will be back on the screen this week for Vampire Diaries Season 7 and Somerhalder fans are excited to see more of Damon Salvatore and shirtless Ian Somerhalder appear in the premiere episode of Vampire Diaries Season 7.

Days before Vampire Diaries returns to the small screen, Ian Somerhalder teases fans on what to expect in Season 7, and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder's character in Vampire Diaries) and Bonnie's (played by actress Kat Graham) relationship is the first on Ian Somerhalder's list of spoilers.

In an interview with TV Fanatic, Ian Somerhalder assures Damon-Bonnie shippers that Somerhalder and Graham's characters in Vampire Diaries remain great friends throughout the season, primarily because of Elena (Nina Dobrev). Ian Somerhalder adds that Damon and Bonnie's relationship is not bound to progress into anything for the mean time because Damon only loves Bonnie as a friend. Ian Somerhalder also breaks it to Vampire Diaries fans that it's heartbreaking for Damon at the same time, since Bonnie reminds him so much of Elena.

"Every time he looks at Bonnie, he only sees not Elena. He does love her and it is an unfortunate situation that they find themselves in because it's that thing of every time he looks at her, 'Oh, if I just push her down the building I'd get Elena back...' "
Ian Somerhalder reveals that throughout Season 7 of Vampire Diaries, Damon will be tearing himself apart deciding whether to keep Bonnie around or just get rid of her to get Elena back. But if Elena does wake up only to find that Ian Somerhalder's character killed Bonnie, there's going to be a price to pay. Kpopstarz reports that while Damon waits around miserably for Elena to wake up, and while there has not been confirmation that Elena will, indeed, wake up in Vampire Diaries Season 7, Paul Wesley (character Stefan in Vampire Diaries) reveals that Nina Dobrev will have some major part in Season 7. Ian Somerhalder has also previously confirmed, as well, that Dobrev will continue to be part of Vampire Diaries, with a major development within the story involving her. Somerhalder tells the following to Entertainment Tonight.
"There is a really incredible evolution of the story that is going to happen and [Elena is] still within the story."
Apart from Vampire Diaries updates, Ian Somerhalder has spilled more exclusive Somerhalder news via his Facebook Q&A last October 5. As much Ian is doing front-of-the-camera work, Somerhalder says that he is doing behind-the-camera work as well, doing some directing for Vampire Diaries. Mari Romero asked Ian Somerhalder via the Facebook Q&A whether he is doing some camera directing for Vampire Diaries Season 7, and Ian answered with a definite "yes," around Christmas time. Well, he did post an Instagram photo of himself behind the camera (literally) just a month ago.At the Facebook Q&A as well, Vampire Diaries fans ask Ian Somerhalder if we will be seeing dark Damon in Season 7, and while Ian Somerhalder tries to hold his enthusiasm with a "you'll just have to wait and see," he did answer later on that definitely not only Damon, but other characters as well, will have some "darker moments" in Season 7 of Vampire Diaries.

In the recent Vampire Diaries Season 7 trailer released, fans did see Ian Somerhalder strip down, and it's got a lot of fans excited for Season 7. With Nina Dobrev's character Elena missing in action in Season 7, will we be missing a lot of Damon and Elena's steamy scenes? Or is Ian Somerhalder finding some other way to get naked this season of Vampire Diaries? Of course he is! In an answer to one question via his Facebook Q&A, Ian Somerhalder assures everyone that Damon will be shirtless "as much as you want him to be."

VampireDiaries Season 7 will bring Ian Somerhalder back this week, October 8, on the CW.[Image via Angela Weiss / Getty Images]