‘Ladies Of London’ Star Juliet Angus: ‘My Fight With Caroline Was So Ridiculous’

Ladies of London star Juliet Angus tends to get caught up in drama on the show. While some people believe it is because she is stubborn and opinionated, others believe that she gets herself into compromising situations because she wants to climb the social ladder. But Angus is learning that her co-stars are not to be trusted. She recently told Julie Montagu how she felt about Caroline Stanbury, and all of a sudden, she was left defending her actions.

Now, Juliet Angus is shocked that Julie is trying to make friends with Caroline. On last night’s episode of Ladies Of London, Juliet couldn’t understand Julie’s actions, and why she would hint that the ladies were scared of Stanbury. And yet, Julie was the one who brought Stanbury a gift, which came as a shock to Juliet Angus. It sounds like someone is doing some backtracking here.

Ladies of London
According to a new Bravo report, Juliet Angus is now revealing what happened after New Year’s Eve. Apparently, Juliet had a run-in with Julie at the gym, which wasn’t captured for the show. Now, she is explaining everything that Ladies of London viewers didn’t see.

“After New Year’s I ran into Julie at the gym and in passing I told her that I told Caroline she needed to do some apologizing and that she then shouted, ‘I’ll wipe the floor with you if you think I’m going apologize for doing something wrong.’ I told Julie to call me later and that I’d tell her the rest of the conversation; my intention was always to tell Julie the whole conversation I had with Caroline, but we never got a chance to speak again until I saw her the next day at lunch with Annabelle,” Juliet reveals, adding that she was working her own issues out with Caroline Stanbury.

“We talked, we heard each other, we got it out, and we were able to move on. I was actually honestly trying to help Julie not be afraid to stand up to Caroline and let her know that the best way to move on with Caroline is to be honest about how you feel,” Juliet reveals, adding, “Boy, did that backfire on me, because Julie went straight to Annabelle to gossip about the part of the story I told her. I was not caught, I was not lying.”

Ladies of London
Stanbury reveals that she doesn’t think she is fighting with Juliet. The two worked out their issues, and she doesn’t think that people are scared of her, as Montagu has hinted. Stanbury may have been surprised at the gift, which was a T-shirt. Juliet Angus was definitely shocked that Julie would buy her co-star a gift and bring it to a party in front of so many people.

“It was completely ironic since the day before she was trying to project her fear of Caroline onto me, telling me that I’m afraid to stand up to Caroline. Julie had a chance to speak her peace and instead became the one paralyzed by fear and did the opposite by praising Caroline with the gift of a “kale” t-shirt. Her behaviour was very odd those couple of days after NYE,” Angus points out.

It does seem like the drama is a bit petty on this season of Ladies of London. The New Year’s Eve humping incident has taken the world by storm, and interestingly enough, Stanbury and Juliet settled the drama aside from the ladies. And yet, it keeps being brought up continuously.

What do you think of Juliet Angus’ take on this week’s Ladies of London drama?

[Image / Screen Captures via Bravo]