Briana Culberson Disses Brooks Ayers! Plus, Was His Cancer Actually Pancreatitis?

Briana Culberson, daughter of Vicki Gunvalson, appeared on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and during the show, she again made her feelings toward Brooks Ayers clear.

For years, Briana Culberson hasn’t been a fan of Ayers and has felt his intentions for her mother weren’t good. When rumors began swirling that claimed Ayers was faking his stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis, she was up in arms. As revealed in a People Magazine recap of the episode on October 5, Briana Culberson discussed Ayers with both Tamra Barney and her husband, Ryan Culberson.

During her conversation with Barney, Briana Culberson revealed her late grandmother, Joanne Steinmetz, who tragically passed during filming on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10, was also not on board with Gunvalson’s relationship with Ayers. According to Barney, Gunvalson had led her to believe Steinmetz was supportive, so hearing that was not the case came as a surprise to Barney. Barney was also surprised that Briana Culberson had chosen to stay with her mother while in town. Previously, Briana Culberson stated she would not stay at Gunvalson’s home, due to the fact that Ayers was living there at the time.

“It feels heavy and uncomfortable and there’s just kind of a nasty feeling when you walk in the door,” Briana Culberson told her husband, Ryan, who added there was a “weird musk” left by Ayers.

“There is absolutely nothing Brooks can do for me to accept him, or to move past anything, or to forget anything, or to forgive anything, because he has proven his character and all I care about is my mom,” Briana Culberson explained of her mother’s then-boyfriend during a confessional.

Then, when Barney later brought up the possibility of Ayers faking cancer, Briana Culberson said, “I’ll kill him. I’ll kill him myself… Well she’s gonna find out… or he’s just going to be ‘cured’ one day.”

Briana Culberson has been through a lot with her mother and Ayers. During a prior season’s reunion, Briana Culberson faced off with Ayers, slamming him for shocking comments made during a conversation with her husband. While speaking with Ryan, Ayers was heard making physical threats and suggesting Ryan beat Briana Culberson. In addition to her understandable anger at the situation, Briana Culberson was shocked to discover Ayers wasn’t more apologetic about what he had said.

Briana Culberson isn’t the only cast member on The Real Housewives of Orange County who has doubted Ayers’ cancer. In addition to both Heather Dubrow and Tamra Barney questioning the diagnosis, Meghan King Edmonds has accused Ayers of lying about his cancer and alleged he even faked his medical records in hopes of convincing Barney and Gunvalson he was truly ill.

Briana Culberson’s mother, Gunvalson, and her former boyfriend Ayers ended their relationship after four years of dating in August. At the time, the longtime couple announced the news to fans on Facebook, via a joint statement, in which they revealed they had attended counseling, but ultimately decided to part ways.

Following the 10th season reunion filming last week, Briana Culberson was at her mother’s side during a dinner with friends — that didn’t include any one of Gunvalson’s Bravo reality co-stars.

People Magazine also pointed out that Ayers had previously told Briana Culberson he was suffering from pancreatic cancer, but later, after questioning, it was revealed he was actually suffering from pancreatitis.

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