Shannon Beador On Broken Friendship: ‘It Is Quite Upsetting’

Shannon Beador has had a rough season on The Real Housewives of Orange County. Beador has been dealing with her husband’s affair and trying to move on from the drama of his lies. David Beador was caught having an affair, which lasted eight months. The woman he was cheating with was a friend of the family, and Shannon was devastated. She decided to keep working on her marriage in hopes of salvaging everything.

But in the process, Shannon Beador also dealt with Brooks Ayers’ cancer stories. Of course, Brooks said that he had cancer and explained the treatment options he had tried. Shannon wanted to help out and offered up the best connections to doctors that could help, but Ayers never went to visit those doctors. Needless to say, Beador was questioning his illness as much as viewers.

According to a new Bravo report, Shannon Beador is now revealing that she doesn’t understand the backlash she has received over her comments about Vicki Gunvalson. On social media, viewers have called Beador a horrible friend for not sticking up for Gunvalson. Instead, Shannon has questioned Brooks’ illness alongside the other housewives.

Tamra Barney RHOC
“I have looked at some of the social media comments in the last few weeks and I have to say it is quite upsetting to hear that some viewers believe I haven’t been a good friend to Vicki Gunvalson. I have been by my friend’s side throughout this season, more than any other cast member. As a good friend, I wanted to help Vicki and Brooks stop the rumors about his illness. As much as she thought she could say “put a pin in it” and stop the talk, that wasn’t happening,” Shannon reveals in her blog.

“I asked Vicki to lunch because I wanted her to truly end the talk and speculation. Originally I believed it was outrageous for Brooks to produce medical records to shut speculation down about his illness, but after a certain point, I realized it was the only thing that would actually end the discussion. I cannot comprehend how that constitutes a bad friend,” Beador adds.

Of course, there are many scenarios that viewers have brought up in regards to Shannon being a bad friend. Viewers think that she is a bad friend because she questioned Brooks Ayers’ cancer diagnosis because he wasn’t saying or doing the right things. While Meghan King Edmonds was the instigator when it came to questioning his story, Shannon didn’t exactly defend Vicki. And this cancer story has created new friendships for Beador.

Heather Dubrow RHOC
“The ‘Brooks illness’ issue has created a very unique bond between Tamra, Heather and I. It is true that David and I discussed our struggles on the show and at a certain point it was going to be all over the television, but at this point we have kept the infidelity to ourselves. I now know today that both women were aware of the affair long before I knew and I appreciate their decision to keep the rumors from me,” Beador reveals, adding that she had only told Vicki out of all the ladies.

As the season went on, more details have surfaced about David’s affair. David cheated with a woman named Nicole McMackin. Nicole had befriended Shannon while the affair was happening, which she saw as the ultimate betrayal.

“It is reported that David Beador first was intimate with McMackin at an elite business club meeting for entrepreneurs in 2013. They had secret hotel encounters around Newport Beach and would go out to restaurants together as well,” writes Heavy.

What do you think of Shannon Beador’s defense that she is a good friend? Do you think she has been a good friend to Vicki?

[Image / Screen Captures via Bravo]