E3 2012: Black Ops 2 Gameplay Footage Shows Los Angeles in Ruins

Microsoft closed out its E3 2012 press conference by showing us a healthy dose of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 footage from one of the game’s singleplayer missions set in Los Angeles, which looks to have seen better days, to put it one way.

If there’s one thing to take from the debut Black Ops 2 gameplay demo, it’s that the sequel to Treyarch’s popular Call of Duty entry isn’t lacking in the series’ signature flair. Judging from the demo, it looks like Black Ops 2 will be just as much of an action thrill ride as its predecessors–if you like explosions and watching buildings crumble, Black Ops 2 has your back.

The cinematic action follows the all-too-familiar Call of Duty formula, but it’s the futuristic setting that sets Black Ops 2 apart from recent Call of Duty titles. In the demo, we get to see all sorts of futuristic weapons that will be at the player’s disposal, including one gun with a scope that can see through objects and can penetrate just about anything, by the looks of it.

After we’ve had a chance to sample some of the futuristic weaponry in Black Ops 2, we’re treated to a sequence in which the protagonist, Alex Mason’s son, jumps in a F/A-38 VTOL to provide heavy air support for a presidential convoy, with all sorts of chaos happening in the background.

Check back soon for an archived video of the Black Ops 2 gameplay demo.