Marvel President Kevin Feige Sees ‘Great Things,’ Crossovers, And Spin-Offs For ‘Spider-Man’?

Marvel’s Spider-Man has been on an unfortunate downward spiral since Spider-Man 3, though financially, the last Sam Raimi one was a success. Amazing Spider-Man did not turn out as expected, and one of Marvel’s most famous characters did not look to be showing up in future film plans. Marvel’s Spider-Man had some hope injected into it when they regained the partial rights, and has Tom Holland expected to star as a young Spider-Man sans the origin story. Comic Book reports that Marvel president Kevin Feige says that they have bigger plans for Spider-Man in the future.

“Making that agreement… was great, and was really amazing, and on a personal level making these movies, it means a lot because I think we can do great things with Spider-Man. I think Spider-man can serve great purpose in our universe and that’s where he belongs.”

New Spider-Man Coming

Feige feels that Spider-Man is a “totally different kind” of superhero, and unique in the comics, so presumably that is why Marvel has brought him back.

“That was what was unique about him in the comics was not that he was the only superhero in the world; it’s that he was a totally different kind of superhero when compared against all the other ones in the Marvel universe at the time.”

Spider-Man has yet to interact all that much with the rest of the Marvel universe, which is much different from all of the Marvel-animated versions of the webslinger. Though Feige’s intent is to integrate Spider-Man into the Marvel universe writ large, he did suggest that he could see Spider-Man spin-offs in the future.

“Well, there could be [spin-offs], but the truth is, our job right now is that single Spider-Man movie based in the MCU. And that’s where all our focus is.”

Considering Spider-Man‘s recent tumultuous history in film, many fans are likely in agreement with Kevin Feige’s focus in this manner. It might please Spider-Man fans to know that Marvel’s Feige takes this new direction for their friendly neighborhood arachnid personally.

“On a personal level making these movies, it means a lot because I think we can do great things with Spider-Man, I think Spider-Man can serve great purpose in our universe and that’s where he belongs.”

Spider-Man, in Marvel’s newest plans, is going to be much younger than he has been in the past. However, it will be sans the origin story, and his first appearance is slated to be in Captain America: Civil War next May. That is a year before he makes his solo debut. The Inquisitr reported that Jon Watts will direct, and Tom Holland will star in the next series of Spider-Man movies. Watts has described the new Spider-Man film as a “coming-of-age high school movie,” according to Digital Spy, because you can “only kill” Uncle Ben Parker so many times.

New Spider-Man Tom Holland

Spider-Man fans should hold out hope; after all, X-Men hit two film snags and is still one of the most successful comic book adaptation franchises.

Spider-Man, as a franchise, has been a roller coaster ride that fans surely have not always enjoyed. However, a new direction would probably be the best course of action, since a minor reboot has already failed. Though, like Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool, the rights to Spider-Man is still not fully under Marvel’s roof. Fans hope that like X-Men and hopefully Deadpool, Spider-Man can be a success again.

Though not Marvel, Batman fans, like Spider-Man fans, have had to endure poor adaptations and sequels, and the franchise keeps moving forward. Spider-Man fans shouldn’t give up hope; after all, the Fantastic Four survived their 1990s adaptation.

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