Mysterious 'Crocodile-Buffalo' Hybrid Found In Thailand [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

A mysterious "crocodile-buffalo" hybrid creature that appears to have the body of a buffalo, head and dark scaly skin of a crocodile, is reportedly causing excitement and fear among villagers in a remote area of Thailand.

According to the Thai website Rath, locals said the mysterious crocodile-buffalo beast was born to a buffalo in High Rock, Wanghin area of Thailand.

People have been flocking to the village from surrounding communities to see the strange creature that has the body and scales of a crocodile but hooves of a buffalo.

Images of the alleged crocodile-buffalo hybrid being shared on social media appear to show a dark-skinned beast with a scaly skin, disproportionately large and elongated head of a crocodile but the body and hoofed limbs of a calf.

According to Rath, the animal, born to a buffalo, died soon after birth. Locals said the female that gave birth to the strange calf had previously given birth to normal, healthy calves.

Photos show the beast laid out on a platform and a crowd gathered around to marvel at the mystery of the crocodile-buffalo hybrid. Later, candles and incense were lighted as people speculated about the nature of the beast, ascribing supernatural properties to it.

While some said the beast is a genetic mutant, others pointed to the existence of hybrids, such as donkey-zebra and horse-donkey hybrids, saying that the beast could be a buffalo-reptile hybrid.

Many dismissed the fantastic notion of a crocodile-buffalo hybrid, saying that donkey-zebra and horse-donkey hybrids exist only because the species are closely related.

Despite the fact that its appearance has caused fear among locals, some said it could be a harbinger of good luck to the community.

"It is surprising and is believed to bring good luck to the family and the village."

Skeptics said the skin of the creature was burned after it died to give it a dark and scaly appearance. Others argued that the head looks like a crocodile's only because the animal was young and thus has a disproportionately large head.

According to a reader commenting on the Mirror, "The skin actually looks like it's been burnt by fire. There is no 'natural' transition from furred areas to the so called 'scaly' area. As well, the 'scaling' crosses the joints of the hind legs where soft tissue would be required for movement. This is a hoax."

"The skin actually looks like it's been burnt by fire... This is a hoax."

A reader on Express wrote, "These countries have vile reputations of cruelty to all animals, so god knows what they do behind closed doors with experiments to animals. This looks man engineered, it's a reptile with a mammals legs, I can't think that no suffering has, and is going on, in these countries were animals are treated with total contempt."

"This looks man-engineered; it's a reptile with a mammal's legs..."

The Inquisitr reported discovery of the corpse of a mysterious creature on the banks of the Kovashi River in the Russian town of Sosnovy Bor recently. The strange animal baffled local residents and sparked rumors of an alien creature after local biologists were unable to identify it.

Some residents expressed suspicion that the animal could be the product of a mutation due to nuclear contamination of the area by the nearby Leningrad Nuclear Plant.

[Photos by Thai Rath; YouTube/Matichon TV]