Bus Driver Gives His Life To Save His Passengers [VIDEO]

A bus driver in China is being hailed as a hero for safely stopping and parking his bus as he was struck by large metal debris that came through his windshield on the highway.

48 year old Wu Bin was traveling at approximately 58 miles per hour carrying a bus load of passengers when a large metal object came careening towards Bin, crashing directly through the window and into his arms and stomach.

In the video below, Bin is seen braking, shifting gears and turning the emergency lights on while writhing in pain from the impact with the metal debris. Concerned more with his passengers safety than his own, he then gets to his feet and warns all 24 of his riders to stay in the bus and not wander onto the highway.

Wu was immediately transported to the closest hospital suffering from broken ribs and a ruptured liver where he died later that day from his injuries with his wife Wang Lizhen by his side.

“I know he did not want to leave me when he was injured in (the) hospital,” she told the newspaper. “When he was unconscious, I touched his forehead and held his hand and he would react slightly.”


The bus drivers home town of Hangzhou is publicly acknowledging him as a hero for saving the lives of his passengers.

Commuter Liu Shibing told the China Daily “I have been driving a car for more than 10 years and I know how difficult it is to stop a vehicle safely in great pain,” adding that “We admire (Wu) and are very grateful.”

The origin of the metal debris is still under investigation, though witnesses believe the debris came from a truck on the other side of the highway.