'Ladies Of London' Fans Love Annabelle

This season of Ladies of London has been eye opening to fans who have warmed up to Annabelle Neilson in a big way. In the first season, fans mostly found her cool and a bit aloof, but after getting to know her, she is now a fan favorite. Since the beginning of season two, Neilson has proven herself to be an incredibly loyal friend, standing up for those who have been torn a new one by the likes of Caroline Stanbury.

In an earlier report, Inquisitr notes that Neilson is still recovering from an injury that occurred after she was thrown from her galloping horse last season, but has made remarkable progress. She has also published the first children's book of a series, The Me Me Me series, which helps children deal with a range of emotions. This is a particular feat for Neilson, who is dyslexic, and has struggled in school with reading and writing.

Neilson has particularly bonded with Julie Montagu, a.k.a. Lady Sandwich, a yoga instructor, natural foods entrepreneur and American ex-pat who was there through Neilson's recovery from her fall. Bustle reports that though Neilson had her back when she was driven to tears by Stanbury, she believes that Montagu needs to learn to stand up to bullying behavior.

"I'm not going to be Julie's bodyguard," Annabelle says. "Julie needs to stand up for herself."

Neilson said she knows what it's like to be pushed around. As a dyslexic, she got bullied in school, and still is irked by seeing that behavior in adults.

"I got bullied in school, I got pushed around, and I know what it's like," Annabelle tells Bustle in an interview. "I don't like watching anyone feel like they're being undermined, and if I can stop it to a degree, I will."

Neilson particularly doesn't enjoy watching Stanbury going after low-hanging fruit. When both Caroline Fleming (a baroness) and Julie Montagu (a lady) were both doing headstands at the dinner party, Caroline Stanbury only criticized Montagu, while fans at home were thinking, hey, both of them are doing yoga stands at a dinner party! Neilson believes if Stanbury thought it wasn't ladylike for Montagu, she should have also been critical of Fleming (props to Annabelle for saying what many viewers were thinking).

Fashion & Style has also backed Neilson's point of view when she called out Stanbury for being ill-mannered.

"I think it's stupid, ungracious, unnecessary and wrong," Annabelle said of Caroline taking back her apology to Julie. "She knows d*** well it meant a lot to Jules and the way it looks is that Caroline doesn't want to look weak or that she's lost some silly row with Jules."

Though most of the women seem to be going out of their way not to raise the ire of Stanbury, the Bravo producers don't seem to realize that the stand-out star is Neilson. She might not be blonde and pushy, but she has a natural calm and grace that jumps out of the screen. Most importantly, Juliet Angus needs to learn what true friends look like, and not spend so much time sucking up to Stanbury, who will never view her as an equal. For example, the comment "She might know the bus boy, but I know the owner," only sounds pretentious and self-important to Americans, who are typically comfortable knowing both a bus boy and a restaurant owner.

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[Photo courtesy of BravoTV]