Vicki Gunvalson Agrees With ‘RHOC’ Viewer Who Tells Her Brooks Ayers Is A Con Artist Playing Her And There’s Someone Better

Vicki Gunvalson may have learned something at The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion filming on Thursday that finally convinced her that the other housewives were right about Brooks Ayers all along. On Sunday, Vicki actually agreed with a viewer who told her that Brooks is a con artist who has been playing her and there’s a better man for her out there.

After filming the reunion show on Thursday, Vicki went to a Santa Barbara resort with some friends for a few days of recharging and relaxation. On Sunday, she posted a photo of herself with the friends who accompanied her at the resort.


One person commented on the photo to tell Vicki they thought it was sad that despite the evidence shown that Brooks Ayers could be lying about his cancer, she had chosen to ignore it and believe in him. The person continued, saying Vicki was “too smart” to be fooled by “con artist,” and encouraged her to trust the judgement of her family and friends.

Another viewer chimed in to voice her agreement. The viewer told Vicki that she, too, believed Brooks was a “jerk” and “con artist playing [her] big time.” The viewer added that Vicki could do better with a “real man,” instead of Brooks.

“harleysmom86: Oh I so agree. Vicki can you not see thru this jerk Brooks. He is a con artist playing you big time. There is someone for you and he is not the one. I wish you could just see thru him. You deserve a real man.”

Vicki responded. Surprisingly, she didn’t lash out at the viewer or defend Brooks. Vicki actually agreed with the viewer, telling her that she was right and that she has “finally realized that.” Vicki even thanked the viewer for her comment.

“vickigunvalson: @harleysmom86 Your right.. I have finally realized that. Thank you.”

While it’s not clear exactly what Vicki Gunvalson has “finally realized,” whether it’s that Brooks Ayers has been lying to her all along, that there’s a better man for her out there, or both, it’s telling that Vicki didn’t correct the viewer’s statement that Brooks is a jerk and con artist.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki recently confessed that she’s moving on from Brooks. With a photo of herself with her daughter, Briana Culberson, and some friends at a restaurant after filming the Season 10 reunion show, Vicki commented that the filming was “shocking” and it was time for her to “move on to a bigger and brighter future.” After many people were worried and thought that Vicki meant she was leaving the reality TV show, Vicki clarified that “its time to move on mentally from Brooks and to let [her] heart heal.”

Brooks and Vicki filmed Season 10 as a couple. In mid-August, they announced their breakup. In a statement to Us Weekly, they said that it was time to move on, separately, with their lives. Despite the split, Vicki continued to publicly support Brooks. As recently as two weeks ago, Vicki tweeted the link to an interview that Brooks did to defend himself against the claim that he’s faking his cancer.

In late-August, Vicki retweeted Brooks’ tweet that said that the tabloids were just making stuff up.

Now, Vicki is no longer following Brooks on Twitter.

Did Vicki’s daughter, Briana Culberson, finally convince Vicki during the reunion filming that Brooks is not a good man? On Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Briana is shown telling Tamra Judge that no one in the family approves of Brooks and that there’s nothing that Brooks can do to change her bad opinion of him because he has “proven his character.”

After Vicki Gunvalson posted a photo of herself and Briana sitting on the Season 10 reunion couch, Briana even commented that Vicki’s relationship with Brooks was “abusive” and that viewers don’t see everything.


“b_culberson: @alisonjones00 I don’t like seeing my mom in an abusive relationship. You don’t see everything on the show. There is a LOT more to our family than is shown on tv for a few minutes an episode. My mom is my best friend.”

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