Ohio Toddler Rescued: 2-Year-Old Girl Found In Grassy Field After Missing 2 Days, Mom Not Allowed To See Her

An Ohio toddler rescued Sunday night has come as huge relief to everyone after 2-year-old Rainn Peterson went missing on Friday when she wandered off. She was reported missing by her great-grandparents.

According to WKYC 3, Rainn was discovered just after 6 p.m. when a volunteer found the Trumbull County girl. She was curled up in some tall grass just off SR 45. Her family lives in nearby North Bloomfield. Trumbull County Sheriff said that the Ohio toddler rescued was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Warren.

The girl’s condition was described “as fine as can be expected.”

Rainn Peterson was last seen at 7759 State Route 45 in New Bloomfield wearing a purple long-sleeved shirt with snowflake sequins and gray pants. She also had on multi-colored pink and lime green shoes.

All three of the kids were being watched by their grandparents while their mother was moving into an apartment. Trumbull County Sheriff, Thomas Altiere, said that the Ohio toddler rescued was with her two other siblings — ages 3 and 4 — playing inside the house Friday night. Both children told authorities that it was the last time they saw their sister.

Authorities said during the search for Rainn that the family was fully cooperating in the investigation, but that they were issuing lie detector tests to rule out any foul play. The girl’s mother, Brandi Peterson, was out with her boyfriend when she learned from her mother that Rainn had gone missing. NBC News reports that 911 calls of the Ohio toddler rescued by a volunteer were recorded.

“I found baby Rainn and she’s alive,” the man told the dispatcher. “She’s got flies all over her, but she’s okay.”

Throughout the call, Rainn was heard crying in the background.

“Is that her I hear? OK, I hear her. Oh, I just got goosebumps,” the dispatcher said.

“Oh my God, me too,” the rescuer replied. “I couldn’t give up on this kid. Thank God.”

In an updated report by WKYC, the girl’s mother said that she’s not allowed to see her daughter. She feels that investigators are treating her as a suspect since her daughter was missing for two days.

“I’m upset because I feel like, ever since this incident started, I was a suspect, from strangers to family members to friends. And they all tried to accuse me. That was very frustrating.”

“I lost my child. I didn’t know where she was. Very, very frustrating and aggravating to have people believe that I had something to do with it.”

“I was the one who brought up the polygraph test and volunteered to take the polygraph test to prove that I had nothing to do with the disappearance of my daughter.”

According to Peterson, she was told by emergency personnel at the hospital that Rainn had suffered “minor lacerations from pricker bushes” and that she was “very, very dehydrated and she was hallucinating from being so dehydrated, upset and exhausted.”

The Ohio toddler rescued was so exhausted that Peterson explains medical staff had to “sedate her, trying to get her temperature up.” She was supposedly given bottles of Pedialite and drank four of them in a row because she was “so thirsty and dehydrated.” Rainn also required IVs to get fluids back in her that she’d lost while missing.

Brandi Peterson went on in her detailed statement to reveal that Rainn is in their protective custody now. Peterson is grateful to everyone who helped in finding her daughter, but is frustrated that she’s being treated as a suspect in the case.

Peterson adds that she’s allowed to see her other two children, but only at the grandparents’ house, where Rainn was when she went missing.

[Photo Credit: Twitter]