Jenelle Evans, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reality TV Star, Rushed To Hospital: Why She’s Facing Twitter Backlash Over What Caused Injuries

Jenelle Evans was rushed to a hospital this weekend after some bad injuries. After rising to sudden fame on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle has a strong social media following. But not all reading about Evans’ exploits are fans, and the reason for her injuries are causing clashes among her followers, as discussed below.

But what happened to Jenelle? Evans had been on a three’s-a-crowd date with a friend and her current boyfriend. As they arrived home, the Teen Mom 2 star suddenly slipped, bashing open her chin in a way that required stitches at the hospital. Evans, 23, had been with Jenelle’s boyfriend, David Eason, and pal Tori Rhyne, reported the Daily Mail.

When the trio arrived back home, Evans discovered that the heavy rains in the region of South Carolina where she lives had flooded her street.

Trying to stay upright on the slippery pavement, Jenelle slipped. Evans hurt her knee in addition to her chin. After spending that night at the hospital, Jenelle was allowed to go home in the morning, where she remains in pain and fatigued but is getting better.

Through the past few months, Evans has been through a roller-coaster of experiences. She lost custody of her son, who is 6-years-old. In addition, Jenelle was arrested for assaulting a woman by tossing a glass at her. That woman was the girlfriend of Evans’ ex-fiancé, Nathan Griffin.

Jenelle Evans of the reality TV show "Teen Mom" has been arrested multiple times.
Jenelle Evans of the reality TV show "Teen Mom" has been arrested multiple times.

In all, since becoming a reality TV star on Teen Mom 2 in 2011, Jenelle has been through 13 arrests for reasons including possession of heroin, violating a restraining order, breaking and entering, stalking, harassment, attacking an ex-husband, and fighting with another girl.

Although custody of 6-year-old Jace has gone to Evans’ mom, Barbara, Jenelle and Nathan share responsibility for 15-month-old Kaiser.

Jenelle Evans has lost custody of her six-year-old son to her mom Barbara Evans (L).
Jenelle Evans has lost custody of her six-year-old son to her mom Barbara Evans (L).

Throughout the years, Evans has also attempted to improve herself by undergoing treatment for a pretty lip pout via fillers. In 2012, Jenelle had breast enhancement surgery.

As for that head injury and wounded knee that resulted from losing her balance, Evans lives in an area flooded with rain from Hurricane Joaquin, reported the Hollywood Gossip.

“Jenelle was going out to dinner with her boyfriend David and friend Tori, and when she got home, everything was flooded on her street and she slipped and fell on the driveway getting out of the car,” explained a source. “[She is] in pain and tired.”

However, because of her past drug use, some are questioning whether Evans had been using drugs or drinking alcohol with boyfriend David Eason prior to losing her balance.

On social media, many theorized that Jenelle had fallen because she was intoxicated, not from a hurricane.

Jenelle Evans poses.
Jenelle Evans poses at GBK's New York Fashion Week.

“she slipped on a wet ground… more like drunk and fell wtf really people… the hurricane has nothing to do with her white trash drunk a** falling,” wrote one user.

“IT ISN’T EVEN FROM THE HURRICANE. What is wrong with people?!” queried another follower.

“actually there was quite a bit of wind & flooding.. But I doubt her story,” declared a Twitter follower.

Jenelle had previously blamed the hurricane for the flooding in her area on Twitter.

“My street yesterday late afternoon, schools are Def closed today! #hurricanejoaquin,” Evans tweeted.

“it’s not the hurricane. Put the news on once in awhile,” retorted an anti-fan.

Jenelle Evans hurt after falling, but did drugs, alcohol or a hurricane cause the injuries?
Jenelle Evans hurt after falling, but did drugs, alcohol or a hurricane cause the injuries?

As for the facts of Hurricane Joaquin’s impact on South Carolina, effects have varied depending on the region of the state, reported the New York Daily News.

Flooding linked to Hurricane Joaquin resulted in seven deaths. The heaviest flooding in the history of South Carolina occurred in Columbia, and officials predicted that it will get worse through the mid-week in some regions.

But whether Jenelle’s injury should be blamed on the hurricane, a slippery street, or the effects of something else, many are concerned that the criminal past and arrest record of her new guy pal, Eason, will adversely impact Evans, reported Radar Online.

In 2012, David was arrested for owning drug paraphernalia. Although he spent four months in jail, Jenelle is defending him against those criticizing their romance, said an insider.

“She’s telling friends he’s not a bad guy,” said that insider.

Evans has been impressed with her new boyfriend, added the source. She was thrilled when he hung a picture for her and made her dinner.

“She says that it has been pretty awesome having help,” added the insider.

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