Austin Mahone Was Not A Ladies’ Man Growing Up, But Is He Back With Becky G?

Austin Mahone got candid in his latest interview with the U.K.’s Attitude magazine. The “Dirty Work” singer revealed that he wasn’t always a ladies’ man.

Austin Mahone, 19, has been known for his pop anthems like “Mmm Yeah” and “What About Love.” He also has been compared to his slightly older contemporary, Justin Bieber, but when it comes to acting out, he says that it’s just a normal part of growing up.

“I think everyone goes through a rebellious time. It’s normal when growing up, so I might have technically gone through one already or I may be going through one now!”

Austin also revealed to the magazine that he wasn’t the most popular or most attractive guy in school. He says that he had trouble finding a girlfriend in school. Austin may have more luck now thanks to his music career, which has been exploding stateside.

“No, definitely not. I really wasn’t popular with girls in school while growing. That came with music!”

That’s when Austin revealed that he was bullied in school. He says that he was never involved with the in-crowd, which may be hard to believe for his fans known as the “Mahomies.”

“I was definitely picked on all the time. I was never really popular with the girls, and there were times I was bullied too. I didn’t do anything about it, and I just kept quiet, which was a mistake. I think everyone should talk to someone if they are going through that sort of situation. I realize that now, so I always focus on surrounding myself with good people and friends.”

Mahone definitely became a ladies’ man at the unveiling of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Orlando. The playful singer disguised himself as a Madame Tussauds employee as he offered to take photos and videos for his fans who posed next to his new wax figure. He then revealed himself to his surprised young fans.

“I had a great time today pretending to be a Madam Tussauds employee! I loved seeing my fans’ faces as they were looking at the figure, and then back to me. Their reactions were priceless! I have some of the best fans in the world!”

Check out Austin Mahone’s prank at Madam Tussauds in the video below.

He may have not been a ladies’ man in high school, but it looks like Austin is a hit with both his fans and with Becky G. A photo of the couple together again has leaked online, according to a previous report via Cambio. Dating rumors circulated when Austin and Becky were spotted in the same room as their friend, Zach Dorsey.

“Tribal 3 is back,” Austin’s friend wrote in the caption of the Instagram post.

If you look closely at the black-and-white photo, you’ll see Austin Mahone front and center. In the right side of the photo is Becky G talking to the pop star’s mom, Michele Mahone.

According to a previous report via K Pop Starz, it’s unclear whether or not the photo was taken recently. Fans were obviously in a state of shock to see that Becky G and Austin Mahone remain on good terms after their sudden split. Some of their fans were also hoping that the photo was an indication that the couple was either reuniting their romance or getting back together.

Austin Mahone’s friend Dorsey shared that photo on September 24, the same day that the two supported each other on Twitter.

Austin tweeted, “Morning! Who’s going to @iambeckyg showtonight?” As for the “Shower” singer, she responded with the surprised eye emoji, which could mean anything to these crazy teens!

Becky G and Austin Mahone broke up in August, but they did state that they are good friends and may even collaborate in the near future.

[Image: Kevin Winter / Getty Images]