Miley Cyrus Parties All Night After She Tears Up During A Performance

On Saturday night (October 3), pop star Miley Cyrus hosted and performed on the season premiere of the comedy television show, SNL (Saturday Night Live).

Characteristic of Cyrus, the singer came on stage in an outrageous looking ensemble: her dress and head were covered in multi-colored flowers. It only took a few seconds for Miley to make a drug reference, as if we didn’t already know that the singer is a notorious pot-smoker.

After the tired cannabis reference, Miley sang an ode to the end of the summer of 2015 and those that made it special, but will more than likely never be talked about again after this year. As Cyrus belted out her version of “My Way,” the cast of SNL impersonated people such as Kim Davis, Josh Duggar, the dentist that killed Cecil the lion, the doughnut that Ariana Grande licked, and the Drake/Meek Mill feud.

Miley Cyrus on SNL
Miley Cyrus shows off her wig and costume collection for her appearance on SNL

Cyrus also participated in a number of skits, some funny and some a little awkward. In a skit called “The Millennials,” Miley, pastel hair and all, texted away at her phone while she told her boss she was leaving for the south of France to “find herself.” Cyrus also played a typical 1960’s white girl on a talk show that was hosted by Leslie Jones playing Ruby Nichols, the first black, female talk show host. The only skit that might actually have someone laughing out loud was a segment set in the 1950’s at a homecoming dance. The segment was a spoof of Grease and featured a nerd, a bad boy, and a jock. Each boy had their eyes set on a girl at the dance. Miley, as the new girl “from Montana,” had the jock smitten. Little did he know, the new girl acted a little more like Cyrus than her appearance might have suggested.