Pinterest Better at Driving Sales Than Facebook [Infographic]

Pinterest is a relative newcomer to the social media scene, but if anything has taken off with a bullet in the past six months, its this social “pinning” site with a strong visual focus and emphasis on brevity.

Almost immediately, Pinterest was branded as a bit of an estrogen-only zone, and a quick perusal of the site reveals that indeed, it is a very chick-friendly place. But so too is it to-the-point and efficient, with products and services being shared and ostensibly picked up upon by the ever-growing fanbase of fervent “pinners.”

And despite being fairly new to the social media space, Pinterest is already beating out the dominant social network in one very key area: driving sales. It’s no secret that Pinterest is best suited for promoting and moving product, with its rapid-fire search-and-share interface- and if we’re going to stereotype, here, captive audience of a prime spending demographic, being young to middle-aged women with an interest in shopping and style.

Facebook’s advantage is that everyone is there, while Pinterest still only has a comparative tiny share in the market when it comes to numbers of users. But still, a far larger number of Pinterest users have been motivated to whip out the plastic and click “Buy Now” via the service, versus users of Facebook.

The infographic below slices and dices sales information among other social media trends, and Pinterest users report purchasing items seen on the site at a rate of 59% to Facebook’s paltry 33%. 79% of Pinterest users rated themselves as more likely to purchase an item seen on Pinterest than one seen on Facebook. All in all, Facebook and Pinterest included, users reported sharing purchases at a rate of 55%.

pinterest infographic june 2012