Dr. Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny, Dead At 38: Wife And Mother Of 3 Dies At Chelsea Building Of ‘Affiliated’ Person [Video]

To look at the wedding announcement of Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny to her husband Andrew on the AJM Alumnae Connection page is a sad thing in the wake of her death. In the photo, the svelte and slim blonde Kiersten is dressed to the nines in an ivory wedding gown as she holds Andrew’s hand. The strapless gown is accompanied by the super-long veil that dons Kiersten’s head, a veil so long that it drags on the New York City street the couple walk down, smiling hand-in-hand.

“Congratulations to Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny, AJM 1995, (pictured left) on her recent marriage to Andrew Cerveny. The couple married in New York City on December 12. Kiersten will return to Mobile in June to judge the 53rd AJM National Finals.”

That photo of Kiersten stands in sharp contrast to the portrait of Rickenbach-Cerveny being painted in the New York Post, which describes Kiersten as a 38-year-old mom of three with a dark secret. Rickenbach-Cerveny hailed from New Jersey, and the former beauty queen did quite well monetarily, living in a million-dollar home with her husband and children. Kiersten’s dark secret was that she potentially did drugs, reports the publication. It’s a habit that could have likely been the cause of Rickenbach-Cerveny’s death, which is being called a potential drug-related murder.

According to the below video from the Daily Mail, police told the public not to assume that the marks around Kiersten’s neck meant that she was strangled to death — they were reportedly from an old scar. Either way, the death of Rickenbach-Cerveny is tragic in light of the loss to her family, with the youngest of her three children being only 1-year-old. The prominent doctor’s death has raised more questions than ever before, especially from residents in the neighborhood where Kiersten’s body was discovered.

Reportedly, surveillance video showed Rickenbach-Cerveny entering the building with one man and perhaps leaving with two others, reports the above video. However, the New York Post speaks of security video showing two men carrying Kiersten’s body. On Yelp, people are already leaving reviews about Kiersten’s excellent bedside manner and praising her as a doctor in the wake of her death.

Andrew was reportedly told by Kiersten that she was going out with friends, and sources say that she did go bar-hopping. However, the night ended tragically when Rickenbach-Cerveny’s body was discovered early Sunday morning. Other factors, such as Kiersten’s alleged cocaine use, including the fact that her panties were inside her purse, are adding to the strange portrait of the tragic death of the doctor. Like Kiersten, Andrew is also a dermatologist.

It was Rickenbach-Cerveny’s second marriage, reports the Daily Mail. According to Newsday, the husband of the highly-educated doctor couldn’t be reached for comment, nor could Kiersten’s parents and mother-in-law. However, the publication states that CCTV captured video footage of the two men reportedly carrying Rickenbach-Cerveny’s body out of or nearby the building where she was found.

Authorities have not yet released information about how Kiersten arrived in the Chelsea building, but 25-year-old resident Damaris Sanchez said cops told residents that Rickenbach-Cerveny was “affiliated” with an unnamed resident in the building where she was found dead. One man summoned helped for Kiersten and remained until EMTs arrived, but upon authorities showing up and questioning him, he fled. Eventually, he called cops back to check if Kiersten was still alive, and when he was questioned, police eventually released him. They are, however, still seeking another person of interest to interview about the death of Kiersten.

On Kiersten’s Facebook page are heartbreaking photos of the gorgeous Rickenbach-Cerveny family, with Kiersten getting a kiss from her husband.

[Image via Facebook]