Tamra Barney Focuses On Her Granddaughter After Learning ‘Shocking New Information’ About Brooks Ayers On ‘RHOC’

Tamra Barney may be caught in the midst of drama on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but on Instagram, she’s focused on her granddaughter. On Sunday, October 4, Tamra Barney shared a photo of Ava Ryan Vieth with her many fans on social media, which featured the child sitting at a table in a restaurant with a menu in front of her.

“What’s on the menu #AvaRyan,” Tamra Barney captioned the photo.

Hours prior, Tamra Barney shared a photo of Ava Ryan up close, with the caption, “Look into my eyes.”

Tamra Barney’s granddaughter, the first for The Real Housewives of Orange County star, was born earlier this year to her oldest son, Ryan Veith, and his wife, Sarah Rodriguez. In the months since, as fans saw on the Bravo reality show, Vieth and his family relocated to Southern California, where Tamra Barney resides. Although Tamra Barney was thrilled with having her son’s family close, her decision to help them financially didn’t sit well with her husband, Eddie Judge, as she failed to mention her generous offer to Vieth until after it happened.

During The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Barney was seen sharing the news to Judge for the first time, and right away, Judge expressed his disappointment. According to Judge, Tamra Barney’s son is able to work and make his own money, so he shouldn’t need the support of his mother, but according to Tamra Barney, Vieth was working and simply needed some quick cash in order to finance his move. While most felt Tamra Barney should have talked her offer over with Judge prior to offering the money to Vieth, she defended herself against backlash, claiming she simply wanted her son and his family close, and did what she felt was necessary to make it happen.

On October 4, Carter Matt shared the episode synopsis for the October 5 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“Vicki’s daughter Briana visits the OC and meets [Tamra Barney] for lunch with some shocking new information about Brooks. Shannon’s rekindled relationship with Heather and [Tamra Barney] allows her to confide in the ladies in a way she never thought possible. The ladies prep for [Tamra Barney]’s baptism in some unconventional ways.”

As Tamra Barney gets baptized after deciding to change her life with the help of religion, the speculation regarding her friend Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, and his cancer diagnosis has continued. Following Meghan King Edmonds’ addition to The Real Housewives of Orange County earlier this year, Edmonds began questioning Ayers’ diagnosis and treatment, claiming it simply doesn’t add up.

During last week’s episode of the Bravo reality show, Tamra Barney was seen meeting with Gunvalson and Ayers, who showed his alleged medical records to her in hopes of silencing the rumors, which claimed he wasn’t truly suffering from the illness. However, after reading over the documents, Tamra Barney was left confused, and said she didn’t think blood cancer caused masses. She then met with her co-stars, including Heather Dubrow and Edmonds, who alleged the medical records were “forged.”

Despite the many doubts, both Gunvalson and Ayers, who split in August, have maintained his illness is real.

For more Tamra Barney, tune into The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo. A premiere date for the upcoming reunion has not yet been officially announced.

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