Dog Killer Jason Brown Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison For Making Despicable Torture Videos

Mohit Priyadarshi

Jason Brown, a Nevada man who made headlines last year for torturing, killing, and dismembering five dogs he bought on Craigslist, has been sentenced to 28 years in prison, according to reports emerging in the media.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Brown, then 24, "killed and dismembered five dogs" in a Reno motel in the summer of 2014. Police released a statement after Brown's despicable acts came to light, saying they had also found four dog heads inside a small refrigerator, "along with several bloody knives and scissors."

And now the 25-year-old Reno man, who pleaded no contest to seven counts involving animal torture, has been sentenced to the maximum punishment that could be meted out to him. A former presidential scholar and psychology major, Brown conceded that he had no recollection of the cruel acts he perpetrated, pointing out that he must have been high on drugs, which included methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin.

Presiding Washoe District Judge Elliot Sattler said that in all his years, he'd never seen anything like this case, according to ABC News. He also compared Brown's heinous acts to ones committed by child pornographers, where they cruelly and sadistically victimize innocents, referring to videotapes of Brown committing these horrible acts.

"Unfortunately you have to see images of innocent people. In most cases children being victimized in the most god-awful and horrific ways. And so as I watched the video in your case, it really was along those lines that I viewed it."

Jason Brown sat in courtroom with a bullet-proof vest and shackled arms and legs, with the officials fearing a backlash by members of the general public, considering the emotional outrage Brown's case had generated in the aftermath of his arrest.

Several dog owners made their appearances in the courtroom, reliving their dealings with Brown on Craigslist. Testifying their reasons for selling some of their puppies to Brown, they testified that he seemed like a normal clean-cut kid when he responded to their ads on the website. They cried in the courtroom as Elliott Sattler watched videotapes of Brown torturing and skinning their dogs.

Even John Oakes, Jason Brown's defense attorney, accepted that in all of his years of experience in the courtroom, he had never witnessed such a horrific case. However, he believed the punishment being handed out to his client was stiffer than he would have gotten for killing a human being in a case of manslaughter. He said Brown refused to look at his own videos.

Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks, who was prosecuting, said Brown's acts probably stemmed from his perverted need to reveal himself.

"When you get to the level of those videos that he made, he made to reveal himself. It takes it to a whole other level. And, so, you hate to think that there's these kinds of people in the world, but there are."

Brown, in his defense, said he couldn't remember anything during the one-month period when he had been injecting heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Sometimes, he took all of those drugs at once.

"I cannot explain the grief I felt for this horrible situation. I no longer had control of myself. It's sickening to hear these things and realize it's me."

Brown asked Judge Sattler for understanding, pointing out that he had been sober for 15 months.

Remarkably, Washoe District Court has been able to sentence Jason Brown to prison for 28 years only because Nevada passed Cooney's Law in 2011, allowing police to charge him with felony counts. If Brown had committed the same crime before 2011, he would only have been charged with a misdemeanor.

The law originated with the death of a dog named Cooney, who was adopted by Raymond Rios of Reno. He cut her open with a box cutter and watched her intestines fall out while she ran around screaming, eventually bleeding to death. Rios is free now, but there is still an open petition that hopes to charge him with murder.

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[Photo via Associated Press]