‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Huge Character Death Coming This Week

Days of Our Lives fans are about to see another character bite the dust. This week, another Salem resident will shockingly be killed, and leave fans in disbelief.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Will Horton, played by Guy Wilson, is leaving the show and Will, who has been a member of the Days of Our Lives family since his birth, will be gone forever. The report reveals that Will will be the one to discover that Abigail Deveraux’s fiance, Ben Weston, is the Salem necktie killer, and that he’ll pay for his discovery when Ben kills him by brutally strangling the life out of him.

Will Horton is a very big character on DOOL, as his parents are Sami Brady and Lucas Horton — he’s a member of both of the town’s main families. The character of Will has been a staple on the show since his birth, and has been at the center of many storylines. Will has been at the center of paternity scandals, nearly drowned while father Lucas was drunk, had to deal with his mother’s, Sami’s, crazy hi-jinks, and most recently came out as gay and married Sonny Kiriakis in Salem’s first same-sex wedding. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out well, as Will cheated on Sonny with Paul Norita, eventually prompting Sonny to leave Salem.

Days of Our Lives Will and Sonny

Judging from the latest Days of Our Lives video promo, Will Horton will be killed by Ben Weston while in his own apartment. Fans are already hoping that Will’s daughter, Ariana, won’t be home at the time. However, Ariana losing her father is going to be a very emotional plotline, as well as the reactions of the rest of Will’s family, such as Marlena, Sonny, Gabi, Roman, Lucas, Kate, and Sami Brady, who will be back in Salem after Will’s murder.

Realty Today reports that Will Horton will take his last breath on Friday, October 9, and that it’s not revealed who will be the one to find Will’s lifeless body. There are rumors that either Will’s close friend and the mother of his daughter, Gabi Hernandez, will find Will’s body, or that his cousin and girlfriend of the killer, Abigail Deveraux, could be the one to discover the grisly scene.

Will’s murder is the third to rock Salem, as Serena Mason and Paige Larson have already been killed and Dr. Marlena Evans-Black has been the target of an attack, which was broken up by the police’s main suspect, Chad DiMera.

Days of Our Lives Stefano and Chad DiMera.

Other Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week include the fact that Steve will fail in his mission to save his best friend, Bo Brady, as he has been taken to a different location. Meanwhile, Caroline Brady’s condition continues to worsen, and Victor and Roman will basically beg Kayla to let her participate in an experimental medication trial.

Chad DiMera will also be working hard to find his alibi and clear his name. Luckily for him, he has the DiMeras, Stefano and Andre, to help him bring the truth to light. Meanwhile, the DiMeras will have more drama this week, as they’re now teaming up with Aiden, and rumors are flying that Stefano may want Aiden to “take care” of Clyde Weston, whom the family believes is the one framing Chad for the murders. Could Aiden now turn murderer as well, but kill the wrong man?

While Clyde is obviously not innocent, and is the reason why EJ DiMera is dead, if Clyde dies, the real killer, Ben Weston, will still be on the loose, and a danger to everyone in Salem, including his pregnant fiancée, Abigail Deveraux.

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[Photo Credits: Jason Merritt / Getty Images, NBC]