Danish High School Graduation Interrupted By Sex Tape

A Danish High School got more than they bargained for when a group of pranksters inserted a graphic clip of a male student having sex with another woman into the graduation ceremonies video montage.

According to the Daily Mail, all 450 graduates and their families gathered into the Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium in Denmark to celebrate the achievements of their high school career. During the ceremony, a video was to be shown that would that would display pictures of the students throughout the year.

However, half-way through the video, pictures of students enjoying their time at school quickly switched to a video of a male student having graphic sex with another female that did not attend the school. The video appeared to have been shot with a hidden camera.

Principle of the Denmark high school, Jorgen Rasmussen, has stated that they will not press charges against the couple depicted in the video, but that they encourage the two lovers to press full charges against the criminals that made the video.

“We’ve agreed not to press charges” Mr Rasmussen told Berlingske Nyhedsbureau.

“However, we have encouraged the two young people who appear in the video to proceed with the case. It is really them, and not the school, that was violated.”


Principle Rasmussen and the school know who made the video and they have been punished by the school, however no legal action has been taken by the victims as of yet.

Media law expert Oluf Jorgensen has stated that the girl depicted in the video has a case that would easily be won.

“Because the footage was shown at the morning ceremony, we’re talking about the disclosure of material that is offensive and that is a clear violation of the criminal law,” said Mr Jorgensen.

“Revealing sexual activity is a very serious violation and if the woman in the video files a civil suit demanding financial retribution, she’ll most likely win.”