‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Liz Is Rattled, Laura Pressures, And Dillon Confesses

'General Hospital' star Rebecca Herbst

What’s coming up this week on General Hospital? Spoilers tease that the dance around the big Jason Morgan reveal continues, though this is going to take a few more weeks to fully develop yet. There’s also plenty to come with Michael and his decision to step into Sonny’s shoes with the organization, and Dillon seemingly makes a big move, as well.

According to She Knows Soaps, viewers will see Elizabeth get rattled by a phone call on Monday’s episode. Though it’s not known yet just who the call is from, some suspect that it may be from Laura, pressuring Liz to come clean on the Jake Doe is Jason Morgan front.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jake will be aware of the phone call, though he won’t know who it was from or exactly what it was about. He will ask Liz about it, but it seems she will continue to be evasive. Viewers will see Jake turn to Sam for help in figuring it out as the week continues, a move that could lead to some interesting ramifications.

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As the “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page shares, Laura is back in Port Charles and it seems she will not rest until the truth about Jason is revealed. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will confront Nikolas over the fact he knows Jake’s real identity, as well. From the sounds of things, Hayden will overhear the conversation, and this seemingly leads to an intense conversation between Hayden and Nik.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Tracy is questioning Michael’s choices. With Sonny fighting for his life, Michael has been stepping into the mob business, and Tracy won’t like this one bit. General Hospital spoilers share that Tracy will solicit help from Paul in pulling Michael away from the business, but viewers know that Paul isn’t exactly the right person to seek help from on this front.

Anna will be struggling this week, it seems. There will be a heartfelt talk between Anna, Sam, and Emma, perhaps about Sam preparing to marry Patrick, and what it means for Emma. In addition, Franco steps up, just as he promised he would, to lend support to Kiki as she continues to struggle.

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Dillon has been harboring intense feelings for Lulu for some time now. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Dante and Lulu will be making plans for their future together this week. However, Dillon seemingly is ready to make his feelings known. He will tell Lulu this week how he feels for her, but how does she react?

There’s a big mess brewing with this Dante, Lulu, Dillon, and Valerie quartet. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Dante will catch wind of some type of rumor swirling, and he will work on tracking down Valerie to straighten things out. Will this be about her pregnancy, her relationship with Dillon, or about Dillon and Lulu?

Viewers can expect an intense confrontation between Ava and Kiki this week, and Tracy will happen upon Paul during a phone call he would surely prefer she not overhear. Sabrina and Felix spend some quality time together, and Olivia works on figuring out how to get Baby Leo back to Port Charles.

Though things have been going well for Maxie and Nathan lately, there may be trouble on the horizon. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will find himself making a bad call about something, and it could lead to big problems for him. Also ahead this week, Julian and Alexis take a leap forward in their relationship, and it seems this may refer to them moving in together.

At the end of the week, Sam and Jake will be working on an investigation together, and danger is seemingly on the horizon. General Hospital spoilers have teased that Jake will figure out he is Jason soon, but he may keep the revelation to himself at first. Most expect that this will all blow sky high on the slated wedding date for Liz and Jake that’s coming up on November 6.

Will Laura have any success in her push to have the truth about Jake come out? What will Hayden do with the information she comes across? How will Lulu react to Dillon’s confession? Fans won’t want to miss a minute of the drama as it plays out this week on General Hospital.

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