Kristopher Love Arrested In Kendra Hatcher Murder Plot As Police Look For Mastermind

Did Kristopher Love murder Kendra Hatcher in a murder-for-hire plot? The man was allegedly hired by a woman that Texas police authorities are still searching for, according to USA Today. Hatcher was shot and killed outside her Dallas home last month, and Love was taken into custody by Dallas authorities on Friday, according to news reports. News of this murder-for-hire plot is now making national headlines.

Kendra Hatcher’s death shocked members of her Uptown community. The woman worked as a dentist in the area, and she was on her way to work on September 2 when she was shot in the parking lot of her apartment complex. The crime was made to look like a robbery.

Police began to piece together the details behind Hatcher’s death not long after it happened, but it took them a month to arrest the man responsible for the shooting. Hatcher’s death was actually a conspiracy that involved three people. Two of the individuals involved are now in custody, and the police are still searching for the third.

In this crime, Love is the alleged trigger man. Police found the suspected murder weapon in his position at the time of his arrest on Friday. He was charged with illegal possession of a firearm. A capital murder charge was added to his charges after his arrest.

Love is the second arrest made in this shooting. Last month, police arrested Crystal Cortes for her involvement in the crime. She admitted to police that she drove the getaway vehicle after the shooting on September 2. She has also been charged with capital murder.

It is Crystal Cortes that gave police more information about the motive behind the murder of Kendra Hatcher. A love triangle was involved. Cortes informed the police that Brenda Delgado had paid her $500 to drive Love to the crime scene and away from it. Daily Mail shared the transcript of a phone conversation between Cortes and family from jail.

“I did nothing wrong. She [Delgado] asked me to pick somebody up and drop them off and told me what he would be wearing. ‘He got out of the car and I started to drive off. But I got stuck behind another car and after he shot her he got into the back seat and ordered me to drive again. He had a gun…what was I supposed to do? That’s all. I didn’t know he was going to shoot somebody. I believed he was going to pick up a driver’s license.”

Delgado dated Hatcher’s current boyfriend, Ricardo Paniagua, for two years. However, the couple split. Hatcher and Paniagua’s relationship was new, but the pair was happy. According to IJ Review, the couple had recently taken a trip to San Francisco together.

Daily Mail shared even more details behind this shocking murder. Their report on the case revealed that Delgado was arrested by the police in connection with Hatcher’s murder on September 4. However, she was not held. There was not enough evidence to keep her in custody. However, a capital murder warrant is now out for her arrest.

A former classmate of Delgado shared with the media that Delgado did appear to be obsessed with her ex-boyfriend. During a class introduction, all she could talk about was the ex.

Love confessed to his involvement in the crime, and he is now being held on a $2.5 million bond. Love does a have a criminal background in Tennessee. In that state, he has convictions for burglary and aggravated robbery on his criminal background.

Neighbors of Love were shocked to learn about his involvement in Kendra Hatcher’s murder. One neighbor, Londrea Murray, shared his shock with CBS Dallas.

“They’re basically right next door, like they’re just a few feet away from us. And y’all just killed somebody and had no remorse and was just on the run right over here by us.”

Another neighbor, Laquita Polk, said, “It’s just really scary to hear about a killer right there in the same building. It is scary.”

Hatcher’s family has been devastated by her shocking murder. Her family released a statement to People Magazine last month.

“Two of her passions were children and serving others. She helped so many people here and around the world, from building houses in Florida to providing medical care to children in Ecuador. We are very proud of all her amazing work, and it is our hope that justice will be served. Beauty also flowed from Kendra’s heart. [We] will miss Kendra tremendously, especially her laugh and smiles. [We are] so thankful her 35 years were lived to the fullest.”

Authorities have urged Delgado to turn herself in. What do you think of the details behind this woman’s shocking murder?

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