WWE News: Huge Divas Championship Fatal-Four-Way Match At ‘Hell In A Cell’, Sasha Banks Included?

All the WWE divas wanted was a revolution. Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, the Bellas, and others succumbed to the way divas wrestled. While they weren’t the greatest of technical wrestlers, it was a shame as to what they were doing on WWE television. For example, they had matches in bras and panties. That does satisfy one demographic, but that doesn’t fulfill the purpose they came to WWE for.

Divas matches were considered bathroom breaks to the WWE Universe. It’s rough to imagine, but nobody wanted to watch the women wrestle. After years of being brought down, WWE NXT gave new life to what became known as “women’s wrestling” again. Charlotte and Natalya at NXT Arrival was the first time WWE NXT put female wrestling on the map.

Charlotte vs. Natalya dWWE NXT Takeover

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn both did their part to help the landscape of women’s wrestling, but the WWE management team wasn’t behind the idea of women partaking in a major role on WWE TV just yet. Now, the Divas Revolution is in full-swing, but the booking has remained a bit confusing. Before that’s analyzed, Hell in a Cell might help bring those fans tired of the Divas Revolution with one woman’s involvement.

According to Daily Wrestling News, Sasha Banks hasn’t been on TV the last few weeks, but may challenge for the Divas title at Hell in a Cell.

“The original plan for WWE’s October 25th Hell In a Cell pay-per-view was to have Charlotte defend her WWE Divas Title against Paige and Nikki Bella in a Triple Threat. However, there’s been speculation that Sasha Banks may be added to the match to make it a Fatal 4 Way after Sasha pinned Nikki in Team BAD’s win over Team Bella on SmackDown.”

To give more credence to the report, WWE.composted a teaser for tonight’s episode of WWE RAW.

“Paige’s streak of stealing the spotlight ceased at Madison Square Garden on Saturday when Charlotte and Becky Lynch turned the tables on her by abandoning her during their match against Team Bella. However, while that situation continues to develop, the members of Team B.A.D. are stealthily positioning themselves as a serious threat to Charlotte’s Divas Championship reign. In SmackDown’s Six-Diva Tag Team Match, Team B.A.D. defeated Team Bella when Sasha Banks made Nikki Bella — the longest-reigning Divas Champion of all time — tap out to the Bank Statement.”

Sasha Banks is considered by many as the greatest female wrestler on the entire WWE roster. However, she’s been kept off WWE RAW in recent weeks. Why has the WWE done that to a great performer? First, their decisions can’t be kept up with week-after-week. Cesaro doesn’t have a primary spot on the flagship show, so keep that in mind.

Second, the Divas Revolution has simply had holes in the booking. When Paige dropped her pipebomb, she talked poorly about Charlotte and Becky Lynch. The latter almost fought Paige in the ring. One week later on WWE RAW, Paige tagged with Lynch and Charlotte, which didn’t make sense. At WWE MSG, Paige once again tagged with Lynch and Charlotte.


The ring announcer also called Paige a member of Team PCB. Every WWE fan thought she split from the team, and then the WWE had her team with them. After the match at WWE MSG, Charlotte and Lynch left Paige in the ring. That helped the situation. When Banks enters the feud, the wrestling ability will automatically jump up to the highest possible skill. After her match with Bayley at WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn, she has the potential to be the best Divas champion ever. Perhaps she’ll bring back the Women’s championship.

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