Chris Mintz GoFundMe To Almost $800,000, Petition Aims For Medal Of Freedom

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Chris Mintz was shot seven times while doing all that he could to protect people at the shooting recently at Umpqua Community College. This father and veteran is now being considered a hero. Mintz cousin started him a GoFundMe page with plans to try to raise $10,000 to help him with medical expenses. Everyone has embraced Chris Mintz and his hero status though. It is obvious that $10,000 wasn’t enough and the donations will not stop coming in. At this time, Chris Mintz GoFundMe page has reached almost $800,000 in donations. New donations are coming in every few minutes for Mintz.

There have been updates on Chris Mintz’s GoFundMe page that are even asking everyone to remember the other victims who were shot at Umpqua Community College. They have shared lists of their pages as well and made sure to mention that Chris would want everyone else to be supported as well. Several of these pages have a large amount of money donated, but none of them even come close to the amount on Chris Mintz’s page.

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Chris Mintz had both of his legs broken during the shooting, which means a ton of surgery and physical therapy for him. All of the money will go straight to Chris to help with medical needs and also with care for his son. He actually told the shooter that it was his son’s birthday, but that didn’t help him out and the man continued to shoot Mintz after hearing that news. The comments are going crazy with people saying that GoFundMe should donate their fee to Chris Mintz as well instead of taking out their part.

Other comments on the post talk about people who know Chris Mintz and think that he is an amazing man who deserves all the help he can get. Most people do not want Mintz to ever after worry about money again in the future and if the donations continue to come in the way that they are then this could end up being exactly what happens for him.

Chris Mintz

Time shared that a petition has also been started for Chris Mintz for President Obama to award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Chris Mintz if they have enough signatures. The creator of this post is “B.G.” from Dothan, Alabama, and he shared his opinion on why Mintz should get this award.

“Mr. Mintz positively displayed the values of loyalty, duty, respect, honor, integrity, personal courage, and self-sacrifice to attempt to save as many of his fellow citizens as possible. I believe that awarding Mr. Mintz the Presidential Medal of Freedom will hold him up as a strong example to the rest of America that one person can make a difference.”

The Presidential Freedom Award is given to “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” So far, this petition only has around 5,000 signatures, so they will be working hard to get to the goal of 100,000 signatures for Chris Mintz on this petition.

Chris Mintz will be lucky to ever walk again after this shooting. He actually stopped the gunman blocking him in the doorway of a classroom. This GoFundMe page looks like it will continue to grow and probably reach over $1 million before the time is over. Mintz has a ton of support out there.

Are you surprised to see how much money has been raised for Chris Mintz at this time? Will you be signing this petition to help Mintz get the Presidential Medal of Freedom? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Picture Source Chris Mintz GoFundMe page]