Does Blac Chyna Want Tyga Back? New Rumor Claims She’s Moved On, Guess Who Her New Beau Reportedly Is

Tyga has been in the middle of a love triangle for months now. From the drama with his ex-girlfriend, Black Chyna, to the ups and downs with present girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, the former Young Money / Cash Money rapper has been at the center of controversy most of the year.

Now, it appears he’s making headlines yet again. As expected, many Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans have been paying close attention to the day-to-day changes in the 18-year-old’s whirlwind relationship, and it’s probably safe to say there will be much more drama in the near future if things go the way Blac Chyna allegedly hopes. According to Hollywood Life – the 26-year-old who is also the mother of Tyga’s son – is reportedly holding out to reconcile with her ex.

A source close to Blac Chyna recently revealed details about a conversation she recently had with Tyga. Apparently, the Rack City rapper is reportedly growing tired of Kylie’s lifestyle and their alleged arguments. In a nutshell, Blac Chyna reportedly doesn’t believe Tyga and Kylie Jenner’s relationship is meant to last.

“When [Tyga] told her he hates fighting with Kylie and how he wishes things were different like it was when he was younger, she knew he was referring to times they shared together before King was born… She felt that in her heart. All she wanted to do at that moment was grab him through the phone, take his head, lay it on her chest and rub his hair and comfort him.

“Tyga spoke from the heart; he didn’t hold anything back and Blac just sat there and listened… No judgments whatsoever, she just listened to her man. She’s well aware that Tyga may need some time to fully break away from Kylie and her family’s spell. But make no mistake; to Blac, Tyga’s worth the wait.”

Although the alleged source insists Tyga is growing weary in his relationship with Kylie, the rumors have not yet been confirmed. However, there’s also another report circulating about Blac Chyna’s new love interest. So, the source’s claims are definitely being questioned by fans. Has she finally gotten over Tyga? Although she reportedly doesn’t believe Tyga is meant to believe with Kylie, she may not believe she’s meant to be with him either. According to Global Grind, Blac Chyna is now dating Atlanta-based rapper Future.

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According to TMZ, Blac Chyna was spotted at an after party she reportedly attended with the “Neva End” rapper following Howard University’s homecoming. Apparently she spent the entire night with him and the two were “inseparable,” which leads many to believe that the two are now an item. Although the two could just be very close friends, many fans are actually hoping that the two are a couple. Since both of their exes have obviously moved on, fans feel they should too.

Do you think Blac Chyna is dating Future? Do you think they’d make a good couple? Share your thoughts.

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