‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe And Shawn Booth Headed For Breakup?

It’s been a little more than two months since Kaitlyn Bristowe gave her final rose to Shawn Booth on the season finale of The Bachelorette. Since then, the couple has been traveling, partying, crashing weddings, and promoting products on social media. Although they appear to be having a great time together there are rumors that they aren’t as happy as they appear on Snapchat.

OK! reports that Kaitlyn and Shawn are only “head over heels for each other” when the cameras are on and their relationship has been “over for months.” Why would they stay together if things aren’t working out? The magazine states that both Kaitlyn and Shawn are in it for fame and money — breaking up would probably put an end to the paid appearances and other money-making ventures.

Let’s not forget the ring. Kaitlyn’s diamond engagement ring is reportedly worth close to $150,000 and if she doesn’t stay with Shawn, she has to give it back. According to WetPaint, Bachelor and Bachelorette couples need to stay together two years in order to keep their pricey Neil Lane diamond rings — if Kaitlyn and Sawn split before 2017 they can kiss that $150K piece of jewelry goodbye.

Blogger Reality Steve doesn’t think their relationship will last either, giving them about six months before they issue their “parting as friends” statement to the press. Although he hasn’t given a reason as to why he think the couple will break off their engagement, Steve is usually spot-on when it comes to which couple will last (very few) and who will split.

If Kaitlyn and Shawn are indeed pretending that they are in love just for the money and the 15-seconds of fame, they are doing a really good job of it. One look at their Snapchat or Periscope broadcasts will convince you that this is the greatest couple the Bachelor franchise has even produced — other than Jade and Tanner for Bachelor in Paradise.

Currently living in Nashville, the couple seems to be enjoying life together despite the rumors. Their Snapchats are filled with liquored-up nights out with friends and family and plenty of posts of the couple lying around in bed. Apparently neither of them have a job — it looks like they are enjoying their new relationship without any responsibilities.

With very little talk of a wedding, fans are starting to wonder if they really are staying together just to make money. However, during an an interview on CTV Morning Live, Shawn admitted that they are looking forward to getting married — but a paid, televised wedding is definitely high on the list.

He stated that they interested in a televised wedding, but may end up having two ceremonies — one on ABC for their fans and a private ceremony for friends “without cameras.” So, it looks like they do want to keep their relationship going, but making some money off of it may be part of the plan.

“We haven’t ruled out a televised wedding yet but what we definitely want to do is something small and closer with our friends, without cameras. So maybe do two separate weddings. We’re not sure. Still stuff we got to kind of figure out.”

For now, it appears that Kaitlyn and Shawn are too busy traveling, having fun and making appearances to even think about a wedding. Are they just sticking it out for the cash incentives and the fame that goes along with being a Bachelor couple, or do you think they are truly in love and will eventually get married?

[Image: ABC/Randy Holmes]