Family Dog Max Shows Great Discipline Waiting For His Birthday Cupcake — Adorably Kills It In One Bite When Allowed To [Video]

Max, a dog believed to be the family pet of the Szwalek family, showed great discipline waiting for his birthday cupcake. When Max was given permission to eat, he adorably devours his delicious treat in one bite.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, many family pets have done other adorable things that melted the hearts of the families whom own them or the people watching them. For example, cats and dogs meeting newborn babies for the first time is surely a physical exchange bound to pull at heartstrings. For a more comedic experience, watching cats and dogs play dead after getting the “finger shot” will at least make viewers crack a smile.

Apparently, the video of Max eating his birthday cupcake in one bite was quite popular among many others online. Since its upload on Tuesday, September 29, 2015, it has been viewed over 400,000 times. Almost 1,000 people have liked it, which is far better than the 90 who disliked it. Despite the minimal amount of negativity, Max devouring his cupcake in one bite was popular enough to make it on the top 100 on the #PopularOnYouTube list too.

Watching Max show great discipline in holding himself back before amusingly devouring his birthday cupcake in one bite is just the latest show of family pet discipline to grace the internet. Sean Serantos has trained his dog Clarke ultimate focus. As seen in his videos on his YouTube channel, Clarke is painfully tested to indulge in dog biscuit and dog meat treats balanced on his nose, balanced on his head, and even held in his mouth. With the laser precision focus of a Marine, Clarke keeps his focus steadfast until he is granted permission to enjoy his reward.

Another popular show of discipline from family pets is when a 4-year-old little girl feeds six pitbulls. Uploaded to the Pitbull Channel, it features a 4-year-old little girl controlling six pitbulls. They follow her every command before she gives them permission to eat the kibble she set out for them. What stands out about the video is the fact the dogs are pitbulls, a breed that is often besmirched with a negative reputation. It is often believed pitbulls, especially male pitbulls, cannot peacefully live and only follow masters who are more aggressive than them. Such were nothing more than fables as seen in the video proving it is upbringing that makes any dog good or bad and that dogs in general are not bad at all.

At this moment, Max can enjoy his reign in the top 100 most viewed videos on YouTube, a position that equates to viral popularity. But he will only last for so long. Eventually another dog will come along showing great discipline that will awe the masses. Until then, we can all enjoy Max inhaling his cupcake in one bite.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]