Texas Walmart Fight Video Gets Employees In Trouble For Recording Shoplifter Brawl

In Texas, a Walmart fight video is being investigated since it shows multiple Walmart employees stopping and fighting with an alleged shoplifter. But what really landed one Walmart employee in trouble is when he posted his Walmart brawl video on Facebook while boasting about letting it happen on the company clock.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, late last month a different Walmart brawl was caught on video, but this fight started over a $7 t-shirt.

The story started when a female customer apparently attempted to seal items in the self checkout section of an Arlington, Texas, Walmart. The Walmart worker responded by filming the shoplifter, and mocked her as she tried to leave the store with her ill-gotten goods.

“Have fun,” he said, mocking the situation as someone else attempts to take the allegedly stolen items from the woman. “Have a good day.”

The Texas Walmart fight video continues as the alleged shoplifter gets into a small fight with another woman in the parking lot. The Walmart worker filming the video made no attempt at breaking up the fight, but other Walmart employees stepped in to try to help.

According to ABC, that is when the wisecracking Walmart worker took his jokes a little too far by turning the camera on himself in order to deliver the punchline.

“Yup, and I let it happen,” he says to his own camera, “on the Walmart clock.”

To make matters worse, the Walmart brawl video was posted on the Walmart employee’s Facebook page for everyone to watch and see. Not surprisingly, this action did not sit well with the management at Walmart headquarters.

Due to the incident, the retail giant issued a statement to a local CBS station.

“This type of behavior by a Walmart associate is completely unacceptable. We are conducting an internal investigation into this matter at this time and will take action as appropriate,” says Brian Nick Director, Walmart National Media Relations.

In response, the Walmart employee said, “Why Walmart corporate tryna flex on me.”

Needless to say, it is highly likely that this particular worker may need to find another job. The investigation into the Texas Walmart fight video is ongoing, although the company has not said how many employees are under investigation.

The Walmart fight video has generated some controversy on social media. For example, a Facebook user named Kara Bell says the Walmart employees should not have intervened.

“They were looking for a fight, and one where the advantage was on their side,” said Bell. “They were not even sure she was stealing. Once they had her bag, on still went out and attacked the woman.”

Another woman named Diana Wilson claims she lives in the Arlington, Texas area and says that the Walmart employees should have left the suspected shoplifter alone.

“The cashier should never be the one to act as the loss prevention officer especially in an outfit as big as Walmart,” she said. “I happen to go to this very Walmart and you can’t hardly find a cashier let alone have one walk out to intervene in a ‘suspected’ shoplifting case.”

Others defend the Walmart employees for fighting with the suspect shoplifter, claiming that the Walmart company should allow its workers to intervene.

“It’s the hand-wringing lawyers that work in the corporate office that are scared to death of civil suits that make the ‘No Confrontation’ policies,” said Facebook user CraxyD. “Having worked security/loss prevention for several years, I truly believe that if a more rough and tumble policy were to be implemented, the vermin wouldn’t be walking out with $1,400 TVs and $800 worth of steaks anymore.

What do you think?

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images News]