Food Network’s ‘Halloween Baking Championship’ Premieres Monday With The Goriest, Bloodiest, Most Outrageous Treats—Ever


Food Network’s Halloween Baking Championship TV series is set to premiere on Monday night. Halloween Baking Championship is the fourth series in the Baking Championship franchise to make its debut. This past Spring, Food Network viewers were introduced to the Spring Baking Championship series. Now, with Halloween just around the corner, this exciting new tv series is just what viewers need to set the mood. Halloween Baking Championship will center around seven bakers and chefs who will come up with the most creative and disgusting-looking Halloween treats— ever. The contestants, who are mostly all known in their local towns will compete for $25,000. Halloween Baking Championships will air in six one-hour episodes. According to The Baltimore Sun, two locals will try their hand at baking the scariest Halloween treats for the Food Network.

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In an interview with Food Network, Ron Ben Israel gives a bit of insight about what contestants and viewers can expect for the show, stating that ‘more is better when it comes to blood and gore.’ Some ideas that might work for these baking contestants is to lay on the fright by making “an engorged brain for Dr. Frankenstein.” Or a “raspberry filling that would ooze out of the cake when cutting it.”

Here are some of the contestants

Ashlee Prisbrey is a 36-year old mother to five kids who got her start in baking when she was in Japan. Her method is to pack on the flavor when cooking her favorite baked goods. She has had no official training and is completely self taught. Ashley is from Salt Lake City.

Audrey Alfaro is a 35-year old baker who loves the outdoors and loves spending time with her four-year old daughter. In her spare time, she bakes up tasty treats for her daughter’s school. She is from Spokane, Washington.

Erin Cooper is a 33-year old mother who has a degree in baking and is the owner of Erin’s Delights. She is currently employed at Sodexo Stevenson University. Cooper, who lives in Owings Mills, is also a trained body builder.

Jason Hisley is a 26-year old Baltimore native who learned to cook from his grandmother. As of now, he is the executive pastry chef at La Cakerie and has traveled all over the world to receive special training in baking. He holds a bachelors degree in baking and pastry. If Hisley looks familiar, it is because he has competed in several of Food Network’s competitions.

Jennifer Petty is a mother of two teens. She enjoys cooking and baking for her friends and family. For her, baking started out as a hobby, but now, she runs her own at home baking business. Jennifer is from West Covina, California.

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Scott Breazeale is a 45-year old married father who got his start in baking on his grandmother’s side of the family. Since that time, he has been professionally trained in baking and pastry. Currently working as the executive sous chef for the Detroit Lions, he likes to add a savory twist to his sweet treats, as well as adding a touch of molecular gastronomy to the mix.

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