Gwen Stefani Divorce Rumors: Reportedly, No Prenup, And Gavin Not Going Quietly; Wants Half ‘Voice’ Coach’s Fortune

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s divorce is reportedly getting nasty.

Rumors from insiders claim that after the Voice coach and her estranged husband, Gavin Rossdale, split recently, one-half of the once-happy couple laid claim to the $120 million fortune. Reportedly, there is no prenuptial agreement between them, so Stefani’s ex-lover wants a piece of the enormous pie.

According to a RadarOnline report, Gwen Stefani is petitioning a divorce court to ignore a motion from Gavin Rossdale that he receives more than half of her millions. Unnamed sources say the couple is jousting over the mountain of cash, and things are heading south faster than you can say, “I’m just a girl!”

“Gavin is now demanding more than half of her fortune. He has complained that while Gwen was launching her successful clothing line, continuing her music career, and expanding her brand by appearing as a judge on The Voice, he stayed home with their sons.”

Gwen and Gavin raised three children together: Kingston, 9, Zuma, 6, and Apollo, 1. Some say Rossdale is having the pity party in the hopes that it appeals to a liberal judge about his stay-at-home-dad sacrifices.

“Gwen is furious because, at the outset of the divorce, Gavin said he wouldn’t go after her money. She is just kicking herself for not getting a prenup.”

The rumors about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton dating have been swirling shortly after both singers filed to divorce their spouses. The Voice co-stars have not commented on the rumors — which adds fuel to the growing gossip fires on social media — but a video has sparked more debate.

Gwen turned the big 4-6 on Saturday. On the same day, her fellow Voice co-coaches Instagrammed her a touching video wishing her a “Happy Birthday” in their special ways. Adam simply wished her a happy day. Pharrell said “Happy B-Day” at least three times.

However, when it was Blake’s time at bat, he poured his heart out to Stefani by saying he never thought that they would have developed a close relationship as friends. It was how passionately he spoke the words that helped feed into the dating frenzy of rumors.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton

Because both stars are tight-lipped over the “couple-alert,” social media is painting its own reality about their suspected romance. However, Gwen is still in the process of divorcing Gavin while Blake is free and clear; he filed for a speedy divorce from Miranda Lambert. Apparently, in his hometown, if a marriage is not being contested and there are no children involved in the union, the divorce proceedings are granted in short order.

Although the show would likely benefit from Gwen and Blake dating, it’s probably best that any romance be kept under wraps — maybe even to keep fans and critics in the dark. After all, the show just banked an Emmy, and drama between both coaches would likely tank the magic.

Gwen Stefani has worked hard for her money. The No Doubt singer is one of the longest-lasting entertainers in her genre and has amassed millions along the way. Sources say she is “not going down without a fight,” but will sentiment beat out the law? Gavin Rossdale doesn’t seem faded by the drama even though insiders say Gwen is out for revenge in the form of a song. On Stefani’s birthday, he was seen at the Operation Smile Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in L.A, according to People.

For the sake of the kids, should Gavin take the high road and think about the best interests of the mother of his children? Or should he say, “Half, Your Honor!?”

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