‘The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins’ Girls Already Causing Drama: Fans Can Expect Craziest Season Ever

Will Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor be the craziest in the history of the show? Filming for the 20th season of ABC’s popular reality show started 10 days ago and there’s already word that the girls are creating plenty of drama.

Although ET Online called Ben “young” and “boring” to take on the role of the 20th Bachelor, it’s usually the girls who create controversy on the show. This season will be no different than seasons past, but perhaps a little crazier — the cast includes twin sisters, two former Bachelor franchise stars, a girl who admits to stalking Ben, and a villain who will have Twitter buzzing when Bachelor Mondays begin in January.

“These girls are outrageous and will stop at nothing to win Ben’s attention.”

According to OK!, the craziness started as soon as the limos pulled up to the Bachelor mansion on the first night of filming (September 24). One woman reportedly got out of the limo in a “stripper-like dress,” threw herself at Ben and confessed that she had been stalking him before she was cast for the show.

In addition to the stalker, OK’s sources report that one woman gave Ben a “Save the Date” card for their March 2, 2016, wedding (perhaps the date of the final rose ceremony?), and another woman was pegged this season’s villain on night one.

“Producers have already found their villain, a 27-year-old woman from Indiana,” an insider tells OK. “Not only is she the first to kiss Ben, but she is a total trash-talker and goes out of her way to tick off the other girls.”

Somewhere between 25 and 30 girls will be competing for Ben Higgins’ heart this season, but it already sounds like he’s in for a whirlwind season with a cast of crazy ladies. Reality Steve states that he has the names of 15 of this season’s girls, but so far he has only released the identities of six.

Who is the villain, who stalked Ben, and who plans to marry as soon as the season ends? Episode-by-episode spoilers have yet to be leaked out online, so the names of the drama-creators have yet to be revealed. However, here’s a look at six girls Reality Steve confirmed will appear on at least the first episode of the Bachelor. How long they last and what level of craziness they will bring to the reality show will undoubtedly be revealed as filming progresses.

If #TheBachelor Ben doesn’t give a rose to the twins, I’ll spoil them rotten. After all, spoiling things IS my job. pic.twitter.com/9EeRYoQ4FE

— Reality Skeeve (@RealitySkeeve) October 1, 2015

Identical twins Emily and Haley Ferguson sound like more of a fit for Bachelor in Paradise than the Bachelor. The 23-year-old identical twins hail from Las Vegas where they currently work as cocktail waitresses at a nightclub in the Cosmopolitan hotel. The twins aren’t new to reality TV — according to DFW.com, they tried out to become professional cheerleaders on the CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team.

Reporter and news anchor Olivia Caridi reportedly took a break from her job at WCYV in Virginia to go on the Bachelor. She graduated from Texas Christian University a year ago, so she must really want to find love if she’s already putting a new career on the back burner.

Another cast member confirmed by Reality Steve is Breanne Rice, a twice-divorced “holistic nutritional therapy practitioner.” It’s unclear what her job entails, but she blogs about it on Breanne’s Holistic Health and also writes for South Sound Magazine.

The final two cast members revealed so far are no stranger to being in front of the camera. Both Becca Tilley and Amber James were contestants on Chris Soules’ season of the Bachelor. Becca recently hinted on Twitter that she would be perfect for Ben, and Amber is giving TV dating a third try — she recently lost out on finding love during her brief stay on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

[Image: ABC/Good Morning America]