Disney Raises Prices: Disneyland Tickets Cost Increase For Annual Pass As 'Star Wars' Land Begins Construction

As Disney raises prices, Disneyland annual passes are set to increase by a very significant amount. While it is not unusual for Disney tickets prices to rise every year, some Disney fans are now saying the value is just not worth it anymore. And they are saying this despite the announcement of the upcoming Disneyland Star Wars land themed area of the park.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, due to the construction of Star Wars land, Disneyland will be closing several popular rides and attractions around the park as resort officials prepare to build. The Disney Railroad, the nightly Fantasmic! show and almost everything along the Rivers of America will close during the year-long construction, while Bug Thunder Ranch will close permanently on January 10, 2015. Beginning in January, the park plans to partially drain The Rivers of America and divert the water to Orange County. During construction the Mark Twain Riverboat, the Sailing Ship Columbia, the Davy Crocket Explorer Canoes and the Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyer Island will all be closed.

The Disney company has announced that price increases are across the board. Once Disney raises prices, Disneyland annual passes for its low tier option are going up as much as $60. The annual pass that allows ticket holders to visit both Disneyland California and Disney World Orlando has also risen by $300.

Disney is also eliminating the $779 Premium Annual Passport, which gave no blackout dates. As a replacement, they are now offering two new top level annual passes. The Disney Signature Plus costs Disney fans $1,049 and includes no blackout dates. On the other hand, if you do not mind a limited selection of blackout days, the Disney Signature costs less at $849, but it is good for only 350 days out the year. The blackout days are during the winter holiday celebrations, specifically the two weeks around Christmas and New Year, when the parks are at their busiest.

The two new premium passes both come with benefits like parking and discounted dining. The new PhotoPass feature also allows Disney annual pass holders to have unlimited digital downloads of photos taken of them meeting characters, walking around the park and on rides. Unfortunately, once Disney raises prices, Disneyland and Disney World annual pass holders of today will not have the option to renew based upon the old pricing scheme.

In addition, the Disney Signature Platinum Plus pass costs $829 and it allows visitors to go to all four Disney World theme parks and water parks with no blackout dates. Even Downtown Disney is being effected by the Disney World prices increases since Downtown Disney will now only offer two hours of free parking. The only good news is that the hourly parking rate went down from $12 to $6.


"In addition to our continued investment in the guest experience and the expansion of our parks, our new selection of annual passes will help us manage strong demand and continue to deliver a world-class experience, while providing more choices for guests to select the pass that best meets their needs," said Suzi Brown, a Disneyland spokeswoman, according to the Orange County Register.

Not everyone agrees that these choices are the best way to go. As Disney raises prices, Disneyland fans expressed their outrage on social media sites.

"I guess no more Disneyland," wrote Todd Glickman, of Hollywood, on a Disney fan site on Facebook. "We can afford annual passes but that's not the point. It's just not worth it... A huge section of the park will be closed for 'Star Wars' land and honestly, Disneyland is boring if you go too often."

What do you think is a fair prices to pay for Disneyland ticket prices?

[Photo by Disney Parks/Getty Images]